Journal Special Issue
Aid, Education Policy, and Development

The studies of this Special Issue aim to address the general question of how aid can better support the collective actions that seek to improve education systems in developing countries.

Overall, they provide an analysis of key policy strategies that can improve the functioning of education systems and the quality of services, and discuss major challenges for the future global education agenda.

Table of contents
  1. Aid, education policy, and development
    Miguel Niño-Zarazúa
    More Working Paper | Aid, education policy, and development
  2. Making aid work for education in developing countries: An analysis of aid effectiveness for primary education coverage and quality
    Kassandra Birchler, Katharina Michaelowa
    More Working Paper | Making Aid Work for Education in Developing Countries
  3. How does classroom composition affect learning outcomes in Ugandan primary schools?
    Sam Jones
    More Working Paper | Class Size Versus Class Composition
    More Research Brief | What Matters for Learning in East Africa?
  4. International organizations and the future of education assistance
    Stephen P. Heyneman, Bommi Lee
    More Working Paper | International Organizations and the Future of Education Assistance
  5. The effectiveness of foreign aid to education: What can be learned?
    Abby Riddell, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa
    More Working Paper | The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to Education
  6. What works to improve the quality of student learning in developing countries?
    Serena Masino, Miguel Niño-Zarazúa
    More Working Paper | What Works to Improve the Quality of Student Learning in Developing Countries?
  7. Costs, and cost-outcome of school feeding programmes and feeding programmes for young children: Evidence and recommendations
    Elizabeth Kristjansson, Aulo Gelli, Vivian Welch, Trish Greenhalgh, Selma Liberato, Damian Francis, Francisco Espejo
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