Journal Special Issue
A Collection of UNU-WIDER articles in Chinese

Table of contents
  1. Spatial Decomposition of Inequality
    Anthony F. Shorrocks, Guanghua Wan
    More Working Paper | Spatial Decomposition of Inequality
  2. Development Policy: An Introduction for Students
    Tony Addison
    More Working Paper | Development Policy
  3. The Rise or Fall of World Inequality: A Spurious Controversy?
    Bart Capéau, Andre Decoster
    More Working Paper | The Rise or Fall of World Inequality
  4. Conceptual and Measurement in Poverty Analysis
    Erik Thorbecke
    More Working Paper | Conceptual and Measurement Issues in Poverty Analysis
  5. Human Well-Being: Concepts and Conceptualizations
    Des Gasper
    More Working Paper | Human Well-being
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