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Development Aid

Theory, Policies, and Performance

Following on WIDER's work on Development Finance which has involved three projects since 2002, a development conference on 'Aid: Principles, Policies and Performance' was organized in June 2006. Aid is one of the most challenging development issues facing the international community. There is now a pressing need to evaluate performance to date, and the future for aid in light of recent events such as the post-Monterrey consensus to substantially increase aid to meet the Millennium Development Goals, recent initiatives from donors, and an ongoing focus on Africa, among others. The conference aimed to bring together senior policymakers and academics from both the donor and recipient communities to review the progress achieved so far, identify the challenges ahead, and discuss the emerging new policy agenda in development aid. The project is timely given the agreement at the G8 Meeting in Scotland in 2005 to significantly expand aid flows and discussions around development finance at the UN Summit in September 2005. The conference also explored synergies with the donor agencies and was addressed to about 160 participants. Links to WIDER's traditional donor agencies and others were also strengthened.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction: Development Aid—Theory, Policies, and Performance
    George Mavrotas
  2. Poverty and Governance: The Contest for Aid
    Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang
    More Working Paper | Poverty and Governance
  3. Foreign Aid, Infrastructure Development and Welfare: An Intertemporal Analysis
    Slobodan Djajić
    More Working Paper | Foreign Aid, Infrastructure Development, and Welfare
  4. Foreign Aid as Prize: Incentives for a Pro-Poor Policy
    Tejashree Sayanak, Sajal Lahiri
    More Working Paper | Foreign Aid as Prize
  5. On the Non-Contractual Nature of Donor–Recipient Interaction in Development Assistance
    Mansoob Murshed
    More Working Paper | On the Non-Contractual Nature of Donor-Recipient Interaction in Development Assistance
  6. Does Aid Mitigate External Shocks?
    Paul Collier, Benedikt Goderis
    More Working Paper | Does Aid Mitigate External Shocks?
  7. Aid, Volatility, and Growth Again: When Aid Volatility Matters and When it Does Not
    Lisa Chauvet, Patrick Guillaumont
    More Working Paper | Aid, Volatility and Growth Again
  8. Monetary Policy Rules for Managing Aid Surges in Africa
    Christopher S. Adam, Stephen A. O'Connell, Edward F. Buffie, Catherine A. Pattillo
    More Working Paper | Monetary Policy Rules for Managing Aid Surges in Africa
  9. The Macroeconomic Management of Increased Aid: Policy Lessons from Recent Experience
    Mumtaz Hussain, Andrew Berg, Shekhar Aiyar
    More Working Paper | The Macroeconomic Management of Increased Aid
  10. Aid Effectiveness: Looking at the Aid–Social Capital–Growth Nexus
    Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, George Mavrotas
    More Working Paper | Aid Effectiveness
  11. Aid, Economic Reform, and Public Sector Fiscal Behavior in Developing Countries
    Mark McGillivray
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