Development Aid

a Fresh Look

Donor countries are currently scaling up their aid programmes in response to strategies proposed through the Millennium Development Goals. Recent positive research on the impact of foreign development aid has led to increased expectations on the part of donor countries. Research suggests that per capita income growth over the last decade would have been lower in the absence of aid, and also that public sector expenditure on health and education in developing countries would not have been as great without aid inflows. However, there still remain many significant gaps in knowledge on aid allocation and effectiveness. This book addresses a number of these gaps, and provides many new and important analytical insights into aid. Among the topics covered are the interface between aid allocation and perceptions of aid effectiveness, the inter-recipient concentration of aid from non-government organizations, the year-on-year volatility of aid, impacts of aid on public sector fiscal aggregates, and evaluation of the country-level impacts of aid.

Table of contents
  1. Development Aid: Expectations, Effectiveness and Allocation
    George Mavrotas, Mark McGillivray
  2. Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties
    Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang
    More Working Paper | Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties
  3. Blind Spots on the Map of Aid Allocations: Concentration and Complementarity of International NGO Aid
    Dirk-Jan Koch
    More Working Paper | Blind Spots on the Map of Aid Allocations
  4. On the Volatility and Unpredictability of Aid
    David Fielding, George Mavrotas
    More Working Paper | The Volatility of Aid
  5. Aid Project Proliferation and Absorptive Capacity
    David Roodman
    More Working Paper | Aid Project Proliferation and Absorptive Capacity
  6. Aid Allocation and Aid Effectiveness: An Empirical Analysis
    Alessia Isopi, George Mavrotas
    More Working Paper | Aid Allocation and Aid Effectiveness
  7. The Fiscal Effects of Aid in Developing Countries: A Comparative Dynamic Analysis
    Maxwell Opoku-Afari, Tim Lloyd, Mark McGillivray, Oliver Morrissey
  8. Development Effectiveness: An Evaluation Perspective
    Robert Picciotto
    More Working Paper | Development Effectiveness at the Country Level
  9. Evaluating Aid Impact
    Howard White
    More Working Paper | Evaluating Aid Impact
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