Working Paper
The energy transition in Asia

The role of liquefied natural gas and implications for East African producers

This study provides an overview of the use of natural gas and liquefied natural gas in Asia, both historic, current, and with an outlook for the future.

Traditionally, Asia has been a strong liquefied natural gas producing region as well as the premier liquefied natural gas market. This continues to be the case today, and it is expected to continue as well in the future. There are significant lessons to be obtained from the Asian gas market for other new liquefied natural gas producing nations and developing gas markets, such as Mozambique.

This report also describes potential developments in the energy transition, and how these affect the role of (and demand for) gas going forward in Asia. Asia is expected to be the largest growth market for gas worldwide during 2018–35, although drivers do vary per country, and depend on the degree of disruption caused by the growth in electrification and renewables.