The European Rupture

The Defence Sector in Transition

The European Rupture focuses on the consequences of the end of the Cold War for defence sectors in Europe. It offers a theoretical framework supported by country case studies from both Western Europe and formerly centrally planned economies.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
    Mary Kaldor, Jean Monnet Reader, Genevieve Schmeder
  2. The Economic Legacy of the Cold War
    Mary Kaldor, Genevieve Schmeder
  3. New Issues
    Mary Kaldor, Genevieve Schmeder
  4. Britain
    Mary Kaldor
  5. France
    Genevieve Schmeder
  6. Germany
    Ulrich Albrecht, Petra Opitz
  7. The Former Czechoslovakia
    Yudit Kiss
  8. Hungary
    Yudit Kiss
  9. Russia
    Yevgeny Kusnetsov, Alexander Ozhegov
  10. The Need for New Institutional Arrangements
    Mary Kaldor, Genevieve Schmeder
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