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Explaining Violent Conflict

Going Beyond Greed versus Grievance

Recent years have seen a surge of research into the causes of conflict together with its development effects, as well as the design of peace initiatives, peace-keeping and programmes of reconstruction, reconciliation and democratization in ‘post-conflict’ societies. This research deals with a highly complex (and contested) set of issues, not least because conflict can take a wide variety of forms: high levels of political violence within the context of a functioning state; low-intensity guerrilla insurrection or localized rebellion; civil war that does fundamental damage to (or destroys) state organizations; and wars between states or alliances of states. Crucially, societies may stand on the cusp of conflict but pull back and they may pass back and forth between types of conflict (from low-intensity to high-intensity civil war, for instance). In the more fortunate (but all too few) cases they may successfully drag themselves from the mire of endless violence, only to face seemingly insurmountable challenges in the peace; the experience of post-conflict reconstruction shows that peace may save the lives of the poor but it may do little to improve their livelihoods.

Table of contents
  1. Explaining Violent Conflict: Going Beyond Greed versus Grievance
    Tony Addison, Mansoob Murshed
  2. Does Inequality Cause Conflict?
    Christopher Cramer
  3. Buying Peace or Fuelling War: The Role of Corruption in Armed Conflicts
    Philippe Le Billon
    More Working Paper | Fuelling War or Buying Peace
  4. Clans, Cliques, and Captured States: Rethinking “Transition” in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
    Janine R. Wedel
    More Working Paper | Clans, Cliques, and Captured States
  5. The Political Economy of Malaysian Federalism: Economic Development, Public Policy and Conflict Containment
    K. S. Jomo, Hui Wee Chong
    More Working Paper | The Political Economy of Malaysian Federalism
  6. The Political Economy of Zimbabwe's Descent into Conflict
    Tony Addison, Liisa Laakso
  7. Building Institutions in Post-Conflict African Economies
    Janine Aron
    More Working Paper | Building Institutions in Post-Conflict African Economies
  8. Regional Dimensions of Conflict and Peace-Building in Contemporary Africa
    Timothy Shaw
    More Working Paper | Conflict and Peace-building in Africa
  9. Economic Aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Collapse of the Oslo Accord
    Fadle M. Naqib
    More Working Paper | Economic Aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  10. The Socioeconomic Roots of Conflict in the Caucasus
    Svetlana P. Glinkina, Dorothy J. Rosenberg
    More Working Paper | Social and Economic Decline as Factors in Conflict in the Caucasus
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