Globalism and the New Regionalism

This is the first of five volumes reporting on the UNU-WIDER study on New Regionalism. It deals with the conceptions and meanings of two processes which probably will have a crucial influence on the shape of the 'new world order' - globalization and regionalization. These studies relate to each other as challenge to response, globalization being the challenge of economic and cultural homogenization of the world and regionalization being a social and political reaction. The leading writers in the field contribute thought-provoking and fascinating articles to this volume.

Table of contents
  1. Globalization and the New Regionalism: The Second Great Transformation
    Björn Hettne
    More Working Paper | The New Regionalism
  2. Rethinking the 'New Regionalism' in the Context of Globalization
    James H. Mittelman
  3. Regionalization in Response to Polarizing Globalization
    Samir Amin
  4. Political Regionalism: Master or Servant of Economic Internationalisation?
    Helge Hveem
  5. The New Regionalism: Impediment or Spur to Future Multilateralism?
    Percy S. Mistry
  6. Globalism and Regionalism: The Costs of Dichotomy
    Ralph Pettman
  7. Regionalization and its Impact on the Theory of International Relations
    Kaisa Lähteenmäki, Jyrki Käkönen
  8. Regionalism and World Order After the Cold War
    Richard A. Falk
  9. New Regionalism in Southern Africa: Part of or Alternative to the Globalization of the World Economy?
    Bertil Odén
    More Working Paper | Regionalization in Southern Africa
  10. Transnational Integration and National Disintegration Revisited
    Osvaldo Sunkel, Michael Mortimore
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