Group Behaviour and Development

Is the Market Destroying Cooperation?

This text focuses on group behaviour in developing countries. It includes studies of producer and community organizations, NGOs and some public sector groups. Some groups function well, from the perspectives of equity, efficiency and well-being, while others do not. This book explores why, examining modes of group behaviour and their consequences.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Group Behaviour and Development
    Judith Heyer, Mohan Rao, Frances Stewart, Rosemary Thorp
    More Working Paper | Group Behaviour and Development
  2. 2. Dynamic Interactions Between the Macro-environment, Development Thinking, and Group Behaviour
    Frances Stewart
  3. 3. Individual Motivation, its Nature, Determinants, and Consequences for Within-group Behaviour
    Sabina Alkire, Séverine Deneulin
    More Working Paper | Individual Motivation, Its Nature, Determinants and Consequences for within group Behaviour
  4. 4. Collective Action for Local-Level Effort Regulation: An Assessment of Recent Experiences in Senegalese Small-Scale Fisheries
    Frédéric Gaspart, Jean-Philippe Platteau
  5. 5. Leaders and Intermediaries as Economic Development Agents in Producers' Associations
    Tito Bianchi
    More Working Paper | Development Discountinuities
  6. 6. Group Behaviour and Development: A Comparison of Farmers' Organizations in South Korea and Taiwan
    Larry Burmeister, Gustav Ranis, Michael Wang
  7. 7. Has the Coffee Federation Become Redundant?: Collective Action and the Market in Colombian Development
    Rosemary Thorp
    More Working Paper | Has the Coffee Federation Become Redundant?
  8. 8. Producer Groups and the Decollectivization of the Mongolian Pastoral Economy
    David Sneath
  9. 9. The Hidden Side of Group Behaviour: A Gender Analysis of Community Forestry in South Asia
    Bina Agarwal
    More Working Paper | Group Functioning and Community Forestry in South Asia
  10. 10. Information Women's Groups in Rural Bangladesh: Group Operation and Outcomes
    Simeen Mahmud
  11. 11. Sex Workers in Calcutta and the Dynamics of Collective Action: Political Activism, Community Identity, and Group Behaviour
    Nandini Gooptu
    More Working Paper | Sex Workers in Calcutta and the Dynamics of Collective Action
  12. 12. Non-market Relationships in Health Care
    Maureen Mackintosh, Lucy Gilson
  13. 13. Institutional Cultures and Regulatory Relationships in a Liberalizing Health Care System: A Tanzanian Case Study
    Paula Tibandebage, Maureen Mackintosh
  14. 14. The Case of Indigenous NGOs in Uganda's Health Sector
    Christy Cannon Lorgen
  15. 15. Conclusions
    Judith Heyer, Frances Stewart, Rosemary Thorp
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'... an exceptionally useful resource for practitioners and researchers interested in collective action issues.' - The Journal of Development Studies

'The timeliness of the volume can hardly be overstated ... The book's importance lies in its original choice of analytical framework, and its principal conclusions.' - The Journal of Development Studies