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Health and Development

The papers in this special issue were originally presented at a World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) Conference on Health Equity in 2006. They look beyond the current literature in terms of measures of inequality, indicators of health achievements and deprivation, causes of health inequality, and the policies to reduce it. A unique feature of this set of papers is that most specifically discuss issues of health achievement and equity in developing countries. This not only addresses a current gap in the health inequality literature but it also brings to prominence the important role of health in development.

Table of contents
  1. Health Inequality and Deprivation
    Mark McGillivray, Indranil Dutta, Nora Markova
  2. Measuring intra-Household Health Inequality: Explorations Using the Body Mass Index
    David E. Sahn, Stephen D. Younger
  3. Life Expectancy and Welfare in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Rodrigo R. Soares
  4. Measuring Health Inequality with Realization of Potential Life Year (RePLY)
    Kam Ki Tang, Dennis Petrie, D. S. Prasada Rao
  5. Malnutrition, Poverty and Economic Growth
    Rasmus Heltberg
  6. The Growth of Poor Children in China, 1991-2000: Why Food Subsidies May Matter
    Lars Osberg, Jiaping Shao, Kuan Xu
  7. On What Diseases and Health Conditions Should New Economic Research on Health and Development Focus?
    Jere R. Behrman, Julia A. Behrman, Nykia M. Perez
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