Journal Special Issue
Inequality and Multidimensional Well-being

Table of contents
  1. Inequality and Multidimensional Well-being
    Mark McGillivray, Anthony F. Shorrocks
  2. Contradictory Trends in Global Income Inequality: A Tale of Two Biases
    Steve Dowrick, Muhammad Akmal
  3. Inequality of Wage Rates, Earnings and Family Income in the United States, 1975-2002
    Peter Gottschalk, Sheldon Danziger
  4. Using Functionings to Estimate Equivalence Scales
    Sara Lelli
    More Working Paper | What Money Can't Buy
  5. On the Application of Efficiency Analysis to the Study of the Dimensions of Human Development
    Xavier Ramos, Jacques Silber
  6. How Should We Measure the "Economic" Aspects of Well-Being?
    Lars Osberg, Andrew Sharpe
  7. Measuring Non-Economic Well-Being Achievement
    Mark McGillivray
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