Manufacturing for Export in the Developing world

Problems and possibilities

Case studies of five countries uncover serious potential difficulties in maintaining the pace of manufacturing for export in the developing countries, and shows that there is no simple relationship between import liberalization and manufacturing for export.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction
    Gerald K. Helleiner
  2. 2. Chilean Export Growth, 1970-90: An Assessment
    Patricio Meller
  3. 3. Colombian Manufactured Experts, 1967-91
    José Antonio Ocampo, Leonardo Villar
  4. 4. Trade Liberalization with Real Appreciation and Slow Growth: Sustainability Issues in Mexico's Trade Policy Reform
    Jaime Ros
  5. 5. Sustainability of Industrial Exporting in a Liberalizing Economy: The Turkish Experience
    Ismail Arslan, Merih Celasun
  6. 6. The Development of Manufacturing for Export in Tanzania: Experience, Policy and Prospects
    Benno J. Ndulu, Joseph Semboja
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