The New Regionalism and the Future of Security and Development

This book is dedicated to the implications of the New Regionalism for global security and development. The fourth volume in the five-volume New Regionalism Series, it features contributions from the UNU/WIDER project on New Regionalism. Earlier volumes have dealt with the relationship between globalization and regionalization as well as various national perspectives from the North and from the South on the process of regionalization.

Table of contents
  1. 1. The Logic of Regional Security in the Post-Cold War World
    Barry Buzan
  2. 2. Regional Cooperation and Economic Development
    Percy S. Mistry
  3. 3. Development and Regional Integration in Latin America: Another Chance for an Unfulfilled Promise?
    Osvaldo Sunkel
  4. 4. The New Regionalism and Collective Diplomacy in Latin America
    Alicia Frohman
  5. 5. Africa in the Global Political Economy: Globalization, Regionalization or Marginalization
    Timothy Shaw
  6. 6. The Role of the Regional Factor in West Africa
    Fredrik Söderbaum
  7. 7. Israel, Palestine and Jordan: Triangle or Peace or Conflict?
    Helena Lindholm-Schulz, Michael Schulz
  8. 8. Regional Hydropolitics in Mainland South East Asia: A New Deal in a New Era
    Joakim Öjendal
  9. 9. Power and Water: The Coming Order in Southern Africa
    Larry A. Swatuk
  10. 10. Regional Cooperation and Peace: A Chinese View
    Jiru Shen
  11. 11. A Regional Framework for Peace and Development in the Balkans
    Jelica Minic
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