The North, the South, and the Environment

Ecological Constraints and the Global Economy

The essays in this study contribute to an analysis of the prospects for the world's economy in the face of environmental constraints. The contributors examine the implications of development in both northern and southern hemispheres, and the extreme differences between rich and poor nations in the distribution of income, resource use and consumption. Using extensive case studies from WIDER-sponsored research, the text explores the limits and consequences of further development.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction
    Venkataraman Bhaskar, Andrew Glyn
  2. 2. Environmental Sustainability and the Growth of GDP: Conditions for Compatibility
    Paul Ekins, Michael Jacobs
  3. 3. Northern Growth and Environmental Constraints
    Andrew Glyn
  4. 4. Can The North Stop Consumption Growth?: Escaping the Cycle of Work and Spend
    Juliet B. Schor
  5. 5. Population Growth and the Environmental Crisis: Beyond the 'Obvious'
    Franck Amalric
  6. 6. Distributive Justice and the Control of Global Warming
    Venkataraman Bhaskar
  7. 7. Enclosing the Global Commons: Global Environmental Negotiations in a North-South Conflictual Approach
    Alan Lipietz
  8. 8. Environmental Policies and North-South Trade: A Selected Survey of the Issues
    Partha Sen
  9. 9. The Korean Model of Development and its Environmental Implications
    Jong-Il You
  10. 10. National Development and Local Environmental Action: The Case of the River Narmada
    Gita Sen
  11. 11. Economics and Ecosystems: The Case of Zimbabwean Peasant Households
    Will Cavendish
  12. 12. Development after Ecology
    Bob Sutcliffe
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