The Political Economy of Hunger

Selected Essays

Hailed in its initial publication as a work with urgent implications for countless lives, Dréze and Sen's The Political Economy of Hunger is the classic analysis of an extraordinary paradox: in a world of food surpluses and satiety, hunger kills millions more people each year than wars or political repression. Now this abridged version, edited by Athar Hussain, puts the most influential essays from the three-volume work within the reach of concerned citizens who want to understand the real causes of hunger and deprivation, and the remedies that are feasible and effective. Ranging from Africa to South Asia to China and written by an international array of authorities, the essays included in this abridgement give the best available analysis of the causes of worldwide hunger and deprivation, and the best hope for effective aid policies in the future.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction to The Political Economy of Hunger
    Jean Drèze, Amartya Sen, Athar Hussain
  2. Food, Economics and Entitlements
    Amartya Sen
    More Working Paper | Food, Economics and Entitlements
  3. Famine Prevention in India
    Jean Drèze
    More Working Paper | Famine Prevention in India
  4. An Independent Press and Anti-hunger Strategies
    Narasimhan Ram
  5. The Intrafamily Distribution of Hunger in South Asia
    Barbara Harriss
  6. Public Policy and Basic Needs Provision
    Ravi Kanbur
  7. The Food Problems of Bangladesh
    S. R. Osmani
    More Working Paper | The Food Problems of Bangladesh
  8. The Elimination of Endemic Poverty in South Asia
    Kaushik Basu
  9. Feeding China: The Experience Since 1949
    Carl Riskin
    More Working Paper | Feeding China
  10. The Food Crisis in Africa: A Comparative Structural Analysis
    Jean-Philippe Platteau
    More Working Paper | The Food Crisis in Africa
  11. Famine Prevention in Africa: Some Experiences and Lessons
    Ravi Kanbur
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'From reviews of the hardback: "a considerable, and highly stimulating contribution.' Journal of Development Studies

'an important book with immediate implications for countless lives' - Journal of Economic Literature

'The most definitive recent analysis of the problems of hunger and deprivation in the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America ... The range of issues and countries covered is nothing short of extraordinary.' - Dissent