The Political Economy of Hunger

Endemic Hunger : Volume 3

This book is the third of three volumes. Every year millions of people are losing their lives around the world, undeterred by the widespread opulence and remarkably higher per capita income, because of sporadic famines, endemic undernourishment, and destitution; let alone those hundreds of millions leading lives of never-ending vulnerability and want. This book is a collection of twenty six chapters in three volumes. There are ten chapters in this third volume. The book attempts to explore many of the vague phenomena as to the characteristics, causation, and possible antidotes of hunger in the contemporary world. By carrying out both analytical and empirical investigations, it dwells on the need for a broader perspective for better understanding of the reasons and remedies of hunger.

Table of contents
  1. Feeding China: The Experience Since 1949
    Carl Riskin
    More Working Paper | Feeding China
  2. Public Policy and Basic Needs Provision: Intervention and Achievement in Sri Lank
    Ravi Kanbur
  3. Growth and Poverty: Some Lessons from Brazil
    Ignacy Sachs
  4. Malnutrition and Poverty in Latin America
    Ravi Kanbur
  5. Undernutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Assessment of the Evidence
    Peter Svedberg
    More Working Paper | Undernutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa
  6. Policy Options for African Agriculture
    Francis Idachaba
  7. Poverty and Food Deprivation in Kenya's Smallholder Agricultural Areas
    Judith Heyer
  8. The Contribution of Industry to Solving the Food Problem in Africa
    Samuel Wangwe
  9. The Food Problems of Bangladesh
    S. R. Osmani
    More Working Paper | The Food Problems of Bangladesh
  10. The Elimination of Endemic Poverty in South Asia
    Kaushik Basu
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'the authors are highly respected and the series draws on an extraordinary data base and comparison between countries. Bringing all this together is Amartya Sen. Lamont University Professor at Harvard, who has an unparalleled reputation for his work on famine, equity, and development economics ... This series forms the most definitive recent analysis of the problems of hunger and deprivation in the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The range of issues and countries covered is nothing short of extraordinary.' - Dissent

'The volumes will become a standard reference for research in the field of hunger, famines and poverty and some of the papers are appropriate for reading lists in under- and post-graduate courses. The value of the approach to famine and hunger developed by Sen and Dreze ultimately lies in case studies.' - Athar Hussain, London School of Economics, The Economic Journal, Dec

'Together with its companion volumes, this collection is a valuable contribution to the study of world hunger.' - Food Policy

'This is a valuable companion to the first two excellent volumes, all desirable additions to upper-division undergraduate and graduate collections in development economics.' - Social and Behavioral Sciences

'The array of articles in all three Drèze and Sen volumes is astounding.' - Thomas R. DeGregori, University of Houston, Africa Today, 4th Quarter 1992

'the most ambitious treatment of the intertwined issues of hunger, famines and well-being currently in print ... Drèze and Sen's collection is a massive achievement and will doubtless become an obligatory reference for every student on the subject. Certain essays, notably those by Jean Drèze himself, should also become obligatory reading for all practitioners in the field.' - Development and Change, Vol. 24 (1993)

'A must for the study of poverty and famine.' - Arabsheibani, London School of Economics