Journal Special Issue
The Rise of China and India

Growth, Trade, Investment and Institutional Developments

There has been considerable media coverage of China’s trade and financial activities, on India’s emergence as a technology and innovation hub, and on the commerce and investment interactions between China, India, Brazil, and South Africa and other developing nations. For example, China has been criticized for the US current account deficits and trade imbalances with other developed nations. Also, many attribute increasing commodity prices, notably in oil and minerals, to China’s growth. As part of the Global Development Network (GDN) 8th Annual Conference in Beijing, China, during 12-13 January 2007, UNU-WIDER arranged a workshop to explore in various fashions the growth experiences of China and India, and try to identify consequences of rapid growth in these countries, mostly with reference to other developing economies. The papers in this Special Issue are selected from among those presented at the meeting and focus on, inter alia, trade, standards investment, banking and finance. Potential setbacks in these economies are also discussed.