Small and Medium Enterprises in Transitional Economies

Research by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research shows that the small enterprise sector by itself will not create successful economic growth. Without supporting local-level institutions, a surrounding context of successful large enterprises and facilitative overall demand conditions, significant and sustained Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) growth is unlikely. Recent experience points to the centrality of small-enterprise systems for both micro- and macro- level success and a wide range of possible organizational and ownership forms. Local and regional governments play a vital role in stimulating SME growth, including creation of a local finance system and directly para-entrepreneurial functions (sometimes including equity ownership), consistent with the local development state model. This unique book explores the complex relationship between the growth of the SME sector and the current policies and institutional, historical and cultural forces that shape its fate

Table of contents
  1. 1. Small Enterprises in Transition Economies: Causal Puzzles and Policy-Relevant Research
    Robert J. McIntyre
    More Working Paper | The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Transition
  2. 2. The Historical Role of the SME Sector in Developing and Developed Capitalist States
    Zoltan J. Ács
  3. 3. The Complex Ecology of Small Enterprise Systems
    Robert J. McIntyre
    More Working Paper | The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Transition
  4. 4. Small Business, Survival Strategies and the Shadow Economy
    Svetlana P. Glinkina
  5. 5. Entrepreneurship and Proprietorship in Transition: Policy Implications for the SME Sector
    Richard Scase
    More Working Paper | Entrepreneurship and Proprietorship in Transition
  6. 6. SME Development in Hungary: Legacy, Transition and Policy
    Bruno Dallago
    More Working Paper | Context and Policies for the Transformation and Growth of SMEs
  7. 7. SME Development in Poland: Policy and Sustainability
    Aleksander Surdej
    More Working Paper | Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development in Poland after 1990
  8. 8. The Development of Small Entrepreneurship in Russia
    Vadim Radaev
    More Working Paper | The Development of Small Entrepreneurship in Russia
  9. 9. Ownership Reform in the Absence of Crisis: China's Township, Village and Private Enterprises
    Laixiang Sun
    More Working Paper | The Evolutionary Dynamics of China's Small- and Medium- Sized enterprises in the 1990s
  10. 10. Transition to a Market Entrepreneurship: Systemic Factors and Policy Options
    Grzegorz W. Kolodko
  11. 11. Privatization Approaches: Effects on SME Creation and Performance
    Milica Uvalic
  12. 12. The Role of Financing in the Growth of the SME Sector: The Case of Hungary
    Làszlò Csaba
  13. 13. Conclusions: The Role of Public Policy in SME Development
    Bruno Dallago, Robert J. McIntyre
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