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Southern Growth Engines and Technology Giants

Fast-growing developing countries have emerged as an important destination and source of trade, investments and technology. Furthermore, trade between developing countries has grown rapidly over the last decades, and is becoming more diversified, where exchange includes from primary commodities to manufactures and high-end services. The aim of the special issue is to look at these dynamics and how the leading developing countries have turn into growth engines and technology drivers.

Table of contents
  1. Southern Growth Engines and Technology Giants: Introduction
    Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Guanghua Wan
  2. Brazil’s Growth Performance: A Comparative Perspective to the Asian Giants
    Nader Nazmi, Julio E. Revilla
  3. Structural Change, Technology, and Economic Growth: Brazil and the CIBS in a Comparative Perspective
    Mario Cimoli, Wellington Pereira, Gabriel Porcile, Fábio Dória Scatolin
    More Working Paper | Structural Change, Technology, and Economic Growth
  4. Innovation Capacity and Economic Development: China and India
    Peilei Fan
  5. Trade Specialization, Export Productivity and Growth in Brazil, China, India, South Africa, and a Cross Section of Countries
    Amelia U. Santos-Paulino
  6. Export Diversification and Economic Performance: Evidence from Brazil, China, India and South Africa
    Wim Naudé, Riaan Rossouw
  7. China’s Exports in Information Communication Technology and Its Impact on Asian Countries
    Yuqing Xing
  8. International Integration and the Determinants of Regional Development in China
    Thomas Gries, Margarete Redlin
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