Journal Special Issue
Sustainable Development

Macroeconomic, Environmental and Political Dimensions

The papers in this special issue represent the concluding stage of a 10-year research project, in the framework of UNU/WIDER, on economic stabilization and medium-term adjustment, directed by Professor Lance Taylor. This project has been one of the longest and one of the most important and interesting components in the work of UNU/WIDER. The research on short-term macroeconomic stabilization and medium-term adjustment was started in the mid-1980s when structural adjustment programs were at their zenith on the agendas of the international financial institutions, as key instruments for transforming economic and social realities in a number of developing countries.

Table of contents
  1. Foreword
    Mihaly Simai
  2. Sustainable Development: An Introduction
    Lance Taylor
  3. Argentina: Growth Resumption, Sustainability, and Environment
    Omar O. Chisari, Jose Maria Fanelli, Roberto Frenkel
  4. Brazil: Widening the Scope for Balanced Growth
    Marcelo de Paiva Abreu, Dionísio Dias Carneiro, Rogério L.F. Werneck
  5. Growth, Equity, and the Environment in Chile: Issues and Evidence
    Patricio Meller, Raûl O'Ryan, Andrés Solimano
  6. China's Macroeconomy, Environment, and Alternative Transition Model
    Alice H. Amsden, Liu Dongyi, Zhang Xiaoming
  7. Growth, Distribution, and the Environment: Sustainable Development in India
    Amitava Krishna Dutt, Mohan Rao
  8. Prospects for Growth and the Environment in Mexico in the 1990s
    Jaime Ros, Joost Draisma, Nora Lustig, Adriaan Ten Kate
  9. The Environmental Consequences of Stagnation in Nicaragua
    Bill Gibson
  10. Macroeconomic Volatility, Investment Anemia and Environmental Struggles in the Philippines
    Manuel F. Montes, Joseph Y. Lim
  11. Russian Economic Growth: Lessons from Liberalization, Medium-Term Constraints, and Ecological Challenges
    Alexander Yu Vorobyov, Stanislav V. Zhukov
  12. Dilemmas of Structural Adjustment and Environmental Policies Under Instability: Post-1980 Turkey
    Korkut Boratav, Oktar Türel, Erinc Yeldan
  13. Growth, Distribution and Environment: Macroeconomic Issues in Zimbabwe
    Rob Davies, Jørn Rattsø
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