Trade Policy, Industrialization, and Development

New Perspectives

This book examines the role of trade policy in industrialization. In particular, it investigates the ways in which the characteristics of a developing country's domestic industrial sector--for example, oligopolistic markets, the position of foreign enterprises, or the acquisition of modern technologies--affects its chances of industrializing far enough to engage in substantial export trade.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction
    Gerald K. Helleiner
  2. Learning and Productivity Change in Developing Countries
    Howard Pack
  3. Firm (or Plant) Size in the Analysis of Trade and Development
    Albert Berry
  4. Market Structure and Trade in Developing Countries
    Norman Lee
  5. Externalities, Development, and Trade
    Ejaz Ghani, Frances Stewart
  6. Closing the Productivity Gap: Does Trade Liberalization Really Help?
    Dani Rodrik
  7. Marketing Manufactured Exports from Developing Countries: Learning Sequences and Public Support
    Donald B. Keesing, Sanjaya Lall
  8. Foreign Direct Investment and Patterns of Industrialization and Trade in Developing Countries: The Brazilian Experience
    Gustavo H. B. Franco, Winston Fritsch
  9. High-Technology Exports and Strategic Trade Policy in Developing Countries: The Case of Brazilian Aircraft
    Richard Baldwin
  10. International Competition and Market Penetration: A Model of the Growth Strategy of the Korean Semiconductor Industry
    Chang-Ho Yoon
  11. Total Factor Productivity in Automobile Production in Argentina, Mexico, Korea, and Canada: The Impacts of Protection
    Leonard Waverman, Steven Murphy
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'The papers are of uniformly high quality, combining conceptual analyses with case studies. Cautionary words about the limits of our knowledge pepper virtually every paper in the book.' - Patrick Low, Finance & Development, March 1993

''This is a collection of essays which should help to generate a debate on the merits or otherwise of outward oriented policies.'' - K.S. Ramachandran, Financial Express, April 1993

'The papers are of uniformly high quality, combining conceptual analyses with case studies.' - Patrick Low, Finance & Development, March 1993

`Some of the contributions are familiar and have appeared in slightly different forms elsewhere. This is inevitable in an edited work and should not detract from the very important contribution this volume makes in pointing to the deficiencies in our current understanding about how markets work and the areas in which further research is required to improve policy.' - The Economic Journal

'Readability is a good feature of the book.' - Charlie G. Turner, Old Dominion University, Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 28, No. 1, October 1993