Its Global Trends, Economics and Governance

Small scale neighbourhoods - countryside and small towns are often seen as ideal living environments. Yet large cities all over the world are growing rapidly. A contradiction seems to exist between what people want and what, in fact, is evolving. The economics of urbanization - as described in this book - provides us means to explain the apparent paradox between the desires and actions of people moving into cities. According to the most recent predictions, the number of people living in cities will double during the next thirty years. This raises a problem how to best govern this development. The decisions of governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and households will all play a role in the evolution of the urbanization. Our book discusses the problem of governance of urbanization: the decisions different players will be facing, and the role of the markets and government policies.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Introduction
    Reino Hjerppe, Elina Berghäll
  2. 2. Cities and Development: A Positive Economics View to Urbanization
    Edward L. Glaeser
  3. 3. A Local Strategic Plan: A Response to New Challenges
    Peter Nientied, Mirjam Zaaijer
  4. 4. Collective Goods and Free-Riding: The Need for Urban Policy Change
    Hernando Gomez Buendia
  5. 5. Urbanizing the Countryside: Can China Succeed in Balancing the Process?
    Aiguo Lu
  6. 6. An Analysis of Appropriate Government Housing Policies in Market Economies
    Edwin Mills
  7. 7. The Enabling Concept: An Unachievable Ideal or Practical Guide to Action?
    Elina Berghäll
  8. 8. Informal and Formal Housing Construction in Turkey: Blurred Boundaries and Regulations
    Sule Özüekren
  9. 9. The Construction Industry in Developing Countries and in Countries that Are not Developing
    Jill Wells
  10. 10. The Institutional Supply-side Aspects of the Construction Industry
    Reino Hjerppe
  11. 11. Vital Infrastructure: Improvements in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
    Jarmo Hukka, Tapio Katko, Pekka Pietilä, Matti Viitasaari
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