Workshop on Employment in Tunisia

What Do We Know? What Is the Way Forward?

On the 10th of April, 2012, the African Development Bank and UNU-WIDER organized a research workshop on the theme of ‘Employment in Tunisia: What Do We Know? What is the Way Forward?’. The aim of this workshop was to bring together universities and policy makers to reflect on the priorities of scientific research and employment policy. It also aimed to establish and strengthen the partnership between policy makers in the country. The workshop’s objectives were to bring together researchers and policy makers to discuss the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of the labour market in Tunisia, and how have they evolved during the last decade?
  • What are the programmes and initiatives for employment promotion in Tunisia, in particular for young graduates?
  • What are the challenges and priorities regarding scientific research on employment?

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the National Institute of Statistics, a number of universities and establishments of higher education and research, as well as representatives from international organizations.