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Working Paper pdf
– Reflections on investment surges and new gas
Alan R. Roe - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper is a sequel to an earlier paper that looked in broad terms at many of the issues that Mozambique faces today in managing its new extractive resources. The paper first describes the investment surge that has already been prompted by new gas discoveries in Mozambique. It then...

Working Paper pdf
Rob Davies, Marko Kwaramba, Dirk van Seventer - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper documents the construction of a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Zimbabwe in 2013. The SAM was built using National Accounts data from the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT), including balance of payment data, government finance data, and highly aggregated industry-level...

Working Paper pdf
Erik Thorbecke - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper is essentially autobiographical and describes Erik Thorbecke’s journey through the history of development economics between the 1950s and the present. The paper consists of four parts. First, an introduction reviews briefly his professional career as a development economist...

Working Paper pdf
– Combining surveys and income tax data in Brazil
Marcelo Neri, Marcos Hecksher - , 2018

This paper evaluates the impacts of combining household surveys with income tax return files, in terms of growth, inequality, and social welfare in Brazil from 2007 to 2015. This exercise holds the promise of adding more realistic top income values to traditional surveys. While the previous...

Working Paper pdf
– Dynamic microsimulation, 2003–15
Marcelo Neri, Rozane Siqueira, José Ricardo Nogueira, Manuel Osorio - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper assesses causes and consequences of fiscal redistribution in Brazil. The framework proposed allows evaluating in an integrated manner the impacts of government-sponsored actions in inequality and mean income changes on social welfare, addressing both static and dynamic implications...

Working Paper pdf
Richard Kozul-Wright, Daniel Poon - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Inspired by Gunnar Myrdal’s core concepts discussed in his seminal work, Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations, published in 1968, this paper analyses the opening-up experiences of three Asian countries (China, India, and Malaysia) by triangulating between the following: (i...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from rural Viet Nam
Quynh Hoang, Laure Pasquier-Doumer, Camille Saint-Macary - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Ethnic inequality remains a persistent challenge for Viet Nam. This paper aims at better understanding this ethnic gap through exploring the formation of risk sharing networks in rural areas. It first investigates the differences in risk sharing networks between the ethnic minorities and the Kinh...

Working Paper pdf
– How can policies best create benefits for Tanzania?
Mia Ellis, Margaret McMillan - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Tanzania is rich with natural resources, which have significant potential to contribute to the country’s economic development. Several laws recently passed in Tanzania are dedicated to establishing linkages between foreign firms in natural resource extraction and the local economy. This...

Working Paper pdf
– The role of norms and organizational power
Mushtaq H. Khan - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

The role of institutions in Asian development has been intensely contested since Myrdal’s Asian Drama, with later contributions from institutional economics and developmental state theory. Despite much progress, the dominant approaches do not agree about the institutions that matter nor...

Working Paper pdf
Geraldine J. Kikwasi, Cecilia Escalante - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

The construction sector is a key enabler for social and economic development worldwide. In Tanzania, the sector growth rate is well above the general economy and has maintained positive growth in response to the country’s investments in commercial and residential buildings and...

Working Paper pdf
Chiara Cazzuffi, Andy McKay, Emilie Perge - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

The past 30 years have seen a consistent increase in agricultural commercialization in rural Viet Nam, at the same time when rural residents have moved increasingly into non-agricultural activities. The contribution of the latter to welfare improvement and poverty reduction is well known; in...

Working Paper pdf
Marcelo Neri, Tiago Bonomo - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Education-related changes are often argued as the main reasons for changes in earnings distribution. However, omitted variable and measurement error biases possibly affect econometric estimates of these effects. Brazil experienced a sharp fall of individual labour income inequality between...

Working Paper pdf
Marcos Hecksher, Marcelo Neri, Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper develops a new imputation methodology applied to missing incomes values in PNAD. PNAD is the main Brazilian household survey, but it has no imputation. The imputation process starts by fitting regression models applied to different income sources considering the complex sampling...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from a rural household survey
Hoang Xuan Diem, Tran Van Hoang - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

For years, the international development community has been considering poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon, which takes into account not only income or consumption of the poor, but also their access to basic needs (education, health, etc.) and resources (credit, social network, etc.). In...

Working Paper pdf
– The dragon that rose from the ashes
Finn Tarp - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

This study takes as its starting point what Gunnar Myrdal had to say about Viet Nam in the context of his seminal work, Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations, published in 1968. Myrdal pointed to the decisive nature of the Vietnamese people; and subsequent developments, which...

Working Paper pdf
Trung Xuan Hoang - UNU-WIDER, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland

Using instrumental variable method and Viet Nam Access to Resources Household Surveys of 2008–16, I examine the effect of land fragmentation on child outcomes. The study shows that higher land fragmentation decreases child school dropout. Land fragmentation has significant impacts on...

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