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Working Paper pdf
Emily Rains, Anirudh Krishna - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

As developing countries rapidly urbanize, the number of people living in ‘slums’—neighbourhoods lacking property rights and basic services—continues to increase. Whether slum residents will ultimately share in the benefits of the cities they help build or will remain...

Working Paper pdf
– A mixed-methods investigation
Simone Schotte - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines the extent and determinants of structural poverty dynamics in South Africa, focusing on the socio-economically disadvantaged urban African population. The quantitative analysis using panel data is triangulated with evidence from a qualitative case study integrating focus...

Working Paper pdf
– New evidence on the relationship between structural transformation and inequality
Çinar Baymul, Kunal Sen - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

We examine the Kuznets postulate that structural transformation leads to higher inequality using comparable panel data for a large number of developing and developed countries for 1960–2012. Countries are in different stages of structural transformation, being either structurally under-...

Working Paper pdf
– Measures, methods, and challenges in developing countries
M. Shahe Emran, Forhad Shilpi - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper provides a critical survey and synthesis of the recent economic literature on intergenerational mobility in developing countries, with a focus on data and methodological challenges. The attenuation due to measurement error is compounded by sample truncation resulting from co-residency...

Working Paper pdf
Enrique Alaniz, Alma Espino, T. H. Gindling - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

We study the labour market dynamics of men and women in El Salvador and Nicaragua, focusing on the factors that help men and women move into an advantageous labour market state from an unfavourable state. We consider ‘advantageous’ states to be formal salaried employees and self-...

Working Paper
– Conceptual issues and empirical findings
Anthony Heath, Yizhang Zhao - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper discusses current methods for measuring and analysing occupational mobility, and the way in which methods designed for the analysis of developing countries may need to be modified when applied in other contexts. The paper discusses particular features of some developing societies,...

Working Paper pdf
– National and subnational influences
Rachel M. Gisselquist - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Across the world, we observe different experiences in terms of inequality between migrant and ‘host-country’ populations. What factors contribute to such variation? What policies and programmes facilitate ‘better’ economic integration? This paper, and the broader...

Working Paper pdf
– When manufacturing is jobless and services are tradable
Richard Baldwin, Rikard Forslid - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Globalization and robotics (globotics) are transforming the world economy at an explosive pace since they are driven by digital technology that is advancing in phenomenal increments. This paper—which should be considered a ‘thought piece’—argues that the globotics...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from firm-level data
Hammed Amusa, Njeri Wabiri, David Fadiran - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Using comprehensive, anonymized tax administrative data for the 2008–14 period, we examine firm-level productivity in South Africa. Measures of firm-level productivity are included in a spatial autoregressive model that assesses spillovers from total factor productivity originating from...

Working Paper pdf
– The role of infrastructure development and gender norms
Amrit Amirapu, M. Niaz Asadullah, Zaki Wahhaj - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Traditional gender norms can restrict independent migration by women, preventing them from taking advantage of economic opportunities in urban non-agricultural industries. However, women may be able to circumvent such restrictions by using marriage to engage in long-distance migration—if...

Working Paper pdf
– Cash transfers and political attitudes in Pakistan
Yashodhan Ghorpade, Patricia Justino - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper studies how household-level receipts of cash transfers affect political attitudes in Pakistan. The paper exploits the locally exogenous eligibility cut-off of the flagship Benazir Income Support Programme to estimate causal effects. The main results show evidence of improved...

Working Paper pdf
– Insider–outsider theory revisited
Lucas Ronconi, Ravi Kanbur, Santiago López-Cariboni - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Contrary to the predictions of the insider–outsider model, we show that the large majority of outsiders in developing countries support, rather than oppose, protective labour regulations. This evidence holds across countries in different regions, across different types of protective...

Working Paper pdf
– The case of the East African Community
Maureen Were, Maureen Odongo - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Growth in service exports has improved countries’ per capita incomes, reduced over-reliance on goods exports, and promoted economic diversification. However, the growth has not been uniform across regions and countries. Africa lags behind in service exports. This paper examines the...

Working Paper pdf
Florencia Torche - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper reviews the small but growing literature on intergenerational educational mobility in the developing world. Education is a critical determinant of economic well-being, and it predicts a range of non-pecuniary outcomes such as marriage, fertility, health, crime, and political attitudes...

Working Paper pdf
– The case of Indonesia
Kyunghoon Kim, Andy Sumner - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

Discussions on the developing world’s industrial policies have largely neglected the role of state-owned entities. This paper argues that the resurgence of state capitalism has been, in part, the response of developing countries to the recent pattern of structural transformation...

Working Paper pdf
– Across-region study
Ebaidalla M. Ebaidalla - UNU-WIDER, 2019 - Helsinki, Finland

This study aims to examine the drivers of inequality of opportunity in health outcome among children below 5 years of age, using the Sudanese 2014 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. It investigates the variation in inequality across and within regions, decomposing inequality into a portion...

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