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Working Paper pdf
– Insights from Brazil
Naila Kabeer, Ricardo Santos - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Concerns about the dramatic rise in income inequality across the world and, at the same time, assessments of national progress on the Millennium Development Goals made it clear that it is the intersection of income inequality, marginalized social identities and, very often, locational...

Working Paper pdf
– Female entrepreneurs who succeed in male-dominated sectors
Francisco Campos, Markus Goldstein, Laura McGorman, Ana Maria Munoz Boudet, Obert Pimhidzai - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Occupational segregation significantly contributes to the earnings gender gap worldwide. We look at differences in outcomes for male and female enterprises and their sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region of high female participation in entrepreneurship. Data on Uganda show that women...

Working Paper pdf
Alok Kumar - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper analyses the pattern and determinants of income risk and expectation in rural India. It uses unique primary survey data eliciting subjective income distribution from households in twelve villages in Bihar. It finds that expected future income is significantly and positively associated...

Working Paper pdf
Ruth Greenspan Bell - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Natural resources extraction inevitably imposes environmental injuries including diversion of scarce water away from pressing local needs, disruption of fragile ecosystems, and longer-range and often irreparable harm. These fall most forcefully on the local populations at or near the extraction...

Working Paper pdf
James D. Fearon, Macartan Humphreys - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

We examine a public goods game in 83 communities in northern Liberia. Women contributed substantially more to a small-scale development project when playing with other women than in mixed-gender groups, where they contributed at about the same levels as men. We try to explain this composition...

Working Paper pdf
– A firm-level analysis
Marco Carreras, Purnachandar Dachapalli, Giulia Mascagni - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

We investigate the relationship between the corporate income tax burden and firm size in South Africa using a panel dataset from companies’ tax returns. We find that medium-sized companies are experiencing the lowest effective tax rate, while the smallest companies are facing the highest...

Working Paper pdf
Evelyn Dietsche - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Industrial policy is back. Advocates for industrial policy argue that the important question is not whether such policies should be applied at all, but how to design and implement them. For the extractive industries this development poses a challenge. First, there is the argument that host...

Working Paper pdf
John Rand - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Using a 10-year panel survey covering Vietnamese manufacturing firms, we consistently obtain firm-specific mark-up estimates and relate these to firm-level formality. The average firm-specific mark-up using a trans-log revenue production function specification is estimated to be 1,445, with...

Working Paper pdf
Nancy Qian - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

I first document that the introduction of the One Child Policy dramatically increased sex selection in certain regions, and that the Chinese government responded to this by allowing parents who had a daughter as their first child to try for a second child. Next, I show that the increase in...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from an insurgency in India
Heidi Kaila, Saurabh Singhal, Divya Tuteja - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

India has employed a variety of military, political, and economic measures to combat the long running insurgency in Kashmir with little evidence on what contributes to stability in the region. This paper uses a variety of tests to detect structural breaks in the time series for violence over the...

Working Paper pdf
– A bottom-up analysis of International Monetary Fund tax work in Panama, Seychelles, and the Netherlands
Matti Ylönen - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

I analyse the evolution of the International Monetary Fund tax policy advice in three countries commonly used for tax evasion or avoidance: Panama, Seychelles, and the Netherlands. A review of loan agreements and Country Reports covering 1999 to 2017 highlights the dependence of the Fund...

Working Paper pdf
Sally Murray - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper argues that new technologies—for communication, such as mobile phones and the internet, but also for manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and transport—have the potential to bridge many of the productivity gaps between sub-Saharan Africa and more advanced developing and...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in rural Uganda
Ben D’Exelle, Christine Gutekunst, Arno Riedl - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

We study gender differences in bilateral bargaining using an artefactual field experiment in rural Uganda, through variation in gender composition of bargaining pairs and in disclosure of identities. Disagreement is common independently of disclosure condition, but less frequent among female-only...

Working Paper pdf
Celia M. Reyes, Christian D. Mina, Ronina D. Asis - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper contributes to the scant body of literature on inequalities among and within ethnic groups in the Philippines by examining both the vertical and horizontal measures in terms of opportunities in accessing basic services such as education, electricity, safe water, and sanitation. The...

Working Paper pdf
– Accounting for underreported consumption
Channing Arndt, Kristi Mahrt - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

Household budget surveys in sub-Saharan Africa are designed to facilitate poverty measurement and may fail to fully capture consumption in wealthy households. As a result, inequality is likely underestimated. We address upper tier consumption underreporting by aligning consumption derived from...

Working Paper pdf
John R. Bowen - UNU-WIDER, 2017 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper considers arguments about Islam and women’s welfare, and, at greater length, how legal systems with Islamic elements treat women, with a focus on how women fare in Islamic family courts. Key methodological issues include how to focus on real-world views and practices rather...

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