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Working Paper pdf
Ali Moghaddasi Kelishomi, Roberto Nisticò - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines how trade sanctions affect the allocation of workers across formal and informal employment. We analyse the case of the unexpected and unprecedented trade sanctions imposed on Iran in 2012.  We use a difference-in-differences approach and compare the probability of...

Working Paper pdf
Kristin M. Bakke, Kit Rickard - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper explores the legacies of wartime rebel governance and counterinsurgency tactics. Insurgents rely on civilian support for resources, information, and cover. To defeat insurgents, the state attempts to extract information from communities where support for insurgents is highest. We argue...

Working Paper pdf
– Insights from the Ethiopian and Somali civil wars
Marine Gassier - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

What distinguishes post-war governments that succeed in establishing a stable political order and prevent recurring conflict from those that do not? This comparative study considers the specific threats that typically lead to the collapse of the post-conflict political order to offer new...

Working Paper pdf
– The case of post-war migration in Mozambique
Maimuna Ibraimo, Eva-Maria Egger - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Internal migration plays an important role in the economic development of individuals, their families, and their country. This study describes Mozambique’s most common migration patterns from 1992 until 2017 using data from three population censuses. We focus on the most important moves...

Working Paper pdf
– A systematic literature review
Simone Schotte, Tharcisio Leone, Rachel M. Gisselquist - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper provides a systematic review of quantitative literature investigating the success of affirmative action policies in addressing socio-economic inequalities between ethnic groups in education and employment. We focus on two of the most influential national experiences: caste-based...

Working Paper pdf
– A systematic review of the literature
Simone Schotte, Rachel M. Gisselquist, Tharcisio Leone - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Despite the good intentions behind affirmative action policies to mediate ‘horizontal inequalities’ between ethnic groups, the evidence on their effectiveness remains open to debate. In this study, we conduct a systematic review of the literature with global scope, to add new clarity...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from forced resettlement in Zimbabwe
Shelley Liu - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

How does wartime victimization shape victims’ political attitudes in the long run? We argue that violence increases politics’ salience to victimized communities, which in turn increases these communities’ political awareness and evaluation of governance quality decades after war...

Working Paper pdf
– A worldwide perspective
Domenico Moramarco, Flaviana Palmisano - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the importance of accounting for the profile of inequality in the analysis of institutional trust. Drawing on individual data from 82 countries around the world over the 1981–2021 period, it sheds light on the potential limitations of exploring the impact of the...

Working Paper pdf
Matthew Collin, Florian M. Hollenbach, David Szakonyi - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

The United Kingdom’s (UK) property markets are thought to be a common destination for corrupt and criminal assets and money laundering, with investment often through offshore shell companies. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, we study the impact of the introduction of a...

Working Paper pdf
– The cases of Rwanda and Cambodia
Malin Hasselskog, Vedaste Ndizera, Joakim Öjendal - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper examines previously under-explored links between two aid-nurtured ideals. ‘National ownership’ and ‘local participation’ both aim to increase recipient influence and thereby address the inherent inequality of the aid relation. Questioning the common...

Working Paper pdf
– New evidence at the world level
Verónica Amarante, Bibiana Lanzilotta, Joaquín Torres - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper investigates the evolution of the productive structure around the world and the role it plays in the difference in inequality levels, using panel data for the period from 1995 to 2018. We approximate a country’s productive structure through the Economic Complexity Index. Our...

Working Paper pdf
– Lessons from more than two decades of research
David Carment, Yiagadeesen Samy - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

The objective of this paper is to focus on fragility research findings and examine what works or does not work in development aid and development cooperation in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. We draw on our own research findings as well as country-level studies. We examine questions...

Working Paper pdf
– The role of oil theft and narcocracy and the electoral consequences of organized crime
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero, Nayely Iturbe - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

When does organized crime resort to assassinating politicians? In narcocracies, criminal groups co-opt political elites through bribery in exchange for protection to traffic illegal drugs. When criminal groups compete, they may also resort to political violence to influence which candidate wins...

Working Paper pdf
– A rapid scoping review
Rodrigo Oliveira, Jesse Lastunen, Pia Rattenhuber, Melissa Samarin, Adnan Abdulaziz Shahir - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries enacted tax and social protection measures to help mitigate the economic hardship faced by individuals and households. This experience underscores the need to better understand the impact of such programmes on incomes and poverty during...

Working Paper pdf
– A general equilibrium analysis
Clive Bell - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

The structure employed is a small open economy, with one city and a rural hinterland, two traded goods, a transport sector, two specific factors, and mobile labour. A socially profitable programme will promote not only internal, but also external trade. Theory and numerical examples indicate...

Working Paper pdf
– Evidence from Ecuadorian administrative data
Olivier Bargain, Paul Carrillo-Maldonado, H. Xavier Jara - UNU-WIDER, 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper aims to assess the extent to which top earners in Ecuador were affected by the COVID-19 crisis compared to other segments of the population. Our analysis uses administrative data for individuals affiliated to social security between January 2019 and December 2021. We identify the...

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