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Tony Addison - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

10 December 2013 Tony Addison Our November-December Angle comes amid intense activity on our ReCom—Research and Communication on Foreign Aid—programme, which is drawing to a close. We also have the last of our ReCom results meetings, on the theme ‘Aid for Gender Equality...

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Yessengali Oskenbayev, Aziz Karimov - UNU-WIDER, 2013 - Helsinki, Finland

This study utilizes panel data from 14 provinces of Kazakhstan and investigates the link between the point-source resources (oil and gas) and economic growth via institutional quality. Labour force migration from manufacturing to non-traded sector occurs as a result of wage increase in the...

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Kathryn H. Anderson, Richard Pomfret - UNU-WIDER, 2004 - Helsinki, Finland

This paper focuses on inequality in living standards across oblasts and regions within Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Regional inequality is an important area of research and policy development. Inequality in income and consumption are logical outcomes in...

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– Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Richard M. Auty - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

The IMF model of the economic transition stresses the role of macro policy reform. It concludes that rapid reform to a market economy is preferable to slow reform because late reformers experience very steep transition recessions and severe contractions in government revenues. However, the...

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– Evidence from Kazakhstan
Paolo Verme - UNU-WIDER, 1998 - Helsinki, Finland

A sharp rise in unemployment and a sharp rise in mortality have been two recurrent aspects of the process of transition. In response to the unemployment challenge transitional economies have equipped themselves with labour market policies (LMPs) derived from market economies experiences. This has...

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