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– General lessons and bilateral agreements of Norway
Arild Angelsen - Review of Development Economics, 2017
Book Chapter
– The Riddle is Still There, But We May Be a Little Wiser
Juhana Vartiainen - , 2013

From the book: Development Success

Working Paper pdf
– The Riddle is Still There but We May be a Little Bit Wiser
Juhana Vartiainen - UNU-WIDER, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland

The Nordic countries are often bundled together, as representatives of a ‘model’ which combines high living standards and an open market economy with social insurance and ambitious public services. Yet, the economic and political development of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden...

Working Paper pdf
Ådne Cappelen, Lars Mjøset - UNU-WIDER, 2009 - Helsinki, Finland

During the 1950-70s Norway had relatively low GDP per capita compared to the OECD average and even more so compared to Denmark and Sweden. During the 1970s there was a significant catch-up in incomes and from the early 1990s a ‘take-off’ in relative income. Norway is currently ranked...

Book Chapter
– An Overview of Recent Findings
Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine, Daniel Waldenstrom - , 2008
Working Paper pdf
– An Overview of Recent Findings
Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine, Daniel Waldenstrom - UNU-WIDER, 2006 - Helsinki, Finland

The objective of this paper is to study the dynamics of the wealth distribution over the path of economic development. More specifically, we are interested in distinguishing between changes which seem to be country specific and characteristics shared by all countries. A historical account of the...

Journal Article
– A comparison of the Nordic countries
Hans Lööf, Almas Heshmati, Rita Asplund, Svein-Olav Nås - The IUP Journal of Management Research, 2003

The availability of the new internationally harmonized innovation survey data collected from OECD countries has created some interesting opportunities for studying the following two key areas: (1) The determinants of innovation behavior at firm level, and (2) Innovation as an important factor...

Working Paper pdf
– Global Scenarios and Policies
Matti Palo - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

Forests as stocks, sinks and sources of carbon have become a vital issue in global politics, along with the Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This publication, encompassing nine chapters by twelve authors from six countries, is the outcome of the respective research...

Working Paper pdf
– A Nordic Perspective on the Dutch Disease
Thorvaldur Gylfason - UNU-WIDER, 1999 - Helsinki, Finland

The paper begins by offering a quick glance of the Nordic economies and of some aspects of their economic growth performance and natural resource dependence since 1970. Thereafter, it reviews some of the main symptoms of the Dutch disease, and then considers whether these symptoms are observable...

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