ReCom results meeting: Aid and the Social Sectors

Videos of the ReCom results meeting: Aid and the Social Sectors.

How can aid to the social sectors—particularly health care and education, but also water and sanitation, and more recently social protection—be justified? These topics were discussed during the ReCom Results meeting on ‘Aid and the Social Sectors’ in Stockholm, 13 March 2013. There is overwhelming evidence that links these fundamental factors to labour productivity, economic growth, poverty reduction, and ultimately human development. More information about the event on the Aid and the Social Sectors website.

Lena Ingelstam, Sida


Introduction to ReCom and the issues of the day: foreign aid and the social sectors
Finn Tarp, UNU-WIDER


What works in foreign aid to the social sectors?
Miguel Niño-Zarazúa, UNU-WIDER


Aid, public health, water and sanitation
Arnab Acharya, Jindal Global University
Zulfiqar Bhutta, Aga Khan University
PB Anand, University of Bradford


Education aid in developing countries
Bob Baulch, RMIT University Vietnam
Katharina Michaelowa, University of Zurich
Abby Riddell, UNESCO


Child malnutrition and social protection
Elizabeth Kristjansson, University of Ottawa
Armando Barrientos, University of Manchester
Iara Leite, Articulação SUL


Roundtable discussion on financing social sector policy in developing countries: challanges and opportunities
Tove Degnbol, Danida
Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Sida
Romain Murenzi, TWAS
Finn Tarp, UNU-WIDER


Wrap up
Tony Addison, UNU-WIDER