Visiting Scholars

Our Visiting Scholars Programme gives qualified scholars an opportunity to research topics related to development and/or global economic issues, and to participate in UNU-WIDER activities.

Scholars typically spend a 2-3 months 'sabbatical' at UNU-WIDER. During this time they prepare one or more papers to be considered for publication in the WIDER working paper series, and present a seminar in their field of research.

Photos: Alexander Zach / UNU-WIDER

Selection criteria

Visiting Scholars will be selected to support the implementation of the UNU-WIDER research programme.

Financial assistance

UNU-WIDER provides medical insurance (for medical and hospital services resulting from sickness and accident during your stay at UNU-WIDER), and a monthly stipend of EUR 3,250 as a contribution towards travel, visa, accommodation and other out-of-pocket expenses. 

Visiting scholars may apply for a supplementary grant to cover high travel costs (incl. visa and related travel) for the part exceeding EUR 1,200 (lowest economy class fare) provided that the ticket is paid by the visiting scholar, and no other travel grants are received from another source. The programme does not provide services or cover expenses related to dependents.


If you have questions about the visiting scholars programme that are not answered on this page contact us at the following email address:

Please note that replies may take up to five working days.