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Economic growth
Photo: Thoman Hawk Capable states – building the foundations for achieving SDGs

Theme: Current programme

Capable states Economic growth Clientelism
Book Chapter
Industries without smokestacks in Uganda and Rwanda

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Economic growth industry Firm size
Book Chapter
Rwanda: From devastation to services-first transformation

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Africa Economic growth Exports
Book Chapter
Employment and productivity growth in Tanzania's service sector

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Informal sector Economic growth
Book Chapter
Understanding and characterizing the services sector in South Africa: an overview

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Economic development South Africa
Book Chapter
The agro-processing industry and its potential for structural transformation of the Ghanaian economy

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Agro-processing Economic growth Value chains
In the media
UNU-WIDER findings on the influence of female elected officials on economic performance continues to make headlines

Reporting on UNU-WIDER research published in the working paper ‘ Women legislators and economic performance ’, news outlets The Quint , ThePrint.in , , IndiaSpend , and The Diplomat have published articles discussing the impact of women...

Gender Politics Economic growth
Working Paper
Employment and development in Asia

How have economic development, employment, and labour markets in Asian countries interacted since the publication of Myrdal’s Asian Drama?...

Labor Employment Economic growth
Working Paper
China’s growth miracle in the context of Asian transformation

Myrdal did not cover China in his Asian Drama. If he did, he would have been most likely pessimistic about China, as he was about other Asian countries in his book...

Transitional economies Economic growth Poverty
Working Paper
Women legislators and economic performance

There has been a phenomenal global increase in the proportion of women in politics in the last 20 years...

women legislators political representation Corruption
Policy Brief
The business environment of Mozambican manufacturing firms Economic growth Regulatory Framework
Policy Brief
Workforce and leadership characteristics in Mozambican manufacturing Economic growth Leadership charasteristics Entrepreneurship
Journal Article
Tax Structures and Economic Growth: New Evidence from the Government Revenue Dataset

Part of Journal Special Issue Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

Economic growth Fiscal policy Development
Working Paper
An empirical analysis of state fragility and growth: The impact of state ineffectiveness and political violence

The role of the state in promoting development is well established in the institutional economics literature. Yet, in recent decades the attention has been turned to the opposite side of the spectrum...

State fragility State ineffectiveness Political violence
Journal Special Issue
Inequality: Measurement, trends, impacts and policies

Many low- and middle-income countries are achieving good rates of economic growth, while high inequality remains a priority concern...

Inequality Economic growth Poverty
Book Chapter
Changing labour market indicators and the rate of economic growth in Latin America during the 2000s

From the book: Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America

Economic growth Equality and inequality Labor market
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