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Global health
Do we have the right balance?: Aggregate population health and COVID-19

The world has been shaken by unprecedented efforts in the name of public health. But, efforts to arrest COVID-19 were not initially formulated with a comprehensive view of the public health in mind ...

COVID-19 Global health Population health
Migrant workers in the Covid-19 pandemic

Millions of migrant workers around the world provide valuable income for their families and contribute more broadly to the economies of both their home and host countries...

COVID-19 Migration Global health
In the media
Researcher from Inclusive growth in Mozambique programme interviewed on COVID-19 impact in Mozambique

Sam Jones, UNU-WIDER Research Fellow, comments on possible socioeconomic effects of coronavirus in Mozambique to Zitamar News.

COVID-19 Global health Mozambique
A virus up-close UNU-WIDER's operations continue during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic COVID-19 Global health
When COVID-19 comes to Africa

There is no telling how long it will take to bring the COVID-19 coronavirus under control, or how many people will be affected...

COVID-19 Global health Africa
Working Paper
Changing the narratives for patient safety

Patient safety is a global public health issue, causing death and suffering in all types of patients and incurring costs in all countries...

Global health Narratives of patient safety Quality of care
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