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Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Deflecting my burden, hindering redistribution: How elites influence tax legislation in Latin America

This paper proposes to understand a singular but salient factor that enables the wealthy to deflect their tax burden downwards: elites’ political leverage to shape legislation via their capacity to influence political actors and policy outcomes...

Equality and inequality Revenue Tax evasion
African Lions - Ghana's job creation successes and obstacles

Over the past two decades, Ghana’s economy experienced an average annual growth rate of 5.8 percent, and became a low-middle income country in 2007...

Economic growth Employees Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Affirmative action and long-run changes in group inequality in India

Research on caste-based inequalities in India has generally focused on differences between large categories such as the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, and the remainder of the population...

Caste Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Discriminatory attitudes and indigenous language promotion: Challenges and solutions

In this paper, we analyse which channels influence individual preferences concerning the choice of the official language in Zambia...

Education Equality and inequality History, Local
Working Paper
Mandated political representation and crimes against the low castes

Mandated political representation over the last twenty years has had a different impact on the reporting of crime by the low castes than what is observed for the reporting of crime by women...

Caste Crime Equality and inequality
The world’s new middles - Implications for the future of development and aid

The storyline The basic storyline of this blog is economic growth since the Cold War. It is outlined how growth has produced two new middles...

Economic growth Equality and inequality Income distribution
Journal Article
Land Governance, Gender Equality and Development: Past Achievements and Remaining Challenges

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Equality and inequality Land tenure Women
Working Paper
Double jeopardy?: Caste, affirmative action, and stigma

This paper presents the results of an attitude survey administered to university students in India that attempts to delineate the social–psychological mechanisms of ‘externalization’ and ‘internalization’ to understand t...

Caste Education, Higher Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Gender bias in education during conflict: Evidence from Assam

Using a large-scale novel panel dataset (2005–14) on schools from the Indian state of Assam, we test for the impact of violent conflict on female students’ enrollment rates...

Education Equality and inequality Human capital
Working Paper
Affirmative action policies and the evolution of post-apartheid South Africa’s racial wage gap

Racial wage inequality and discrimination have pervaded South African society for centuries. Apartheid legislation cemented these disparities by institutionalizing white job reservation and many other unfair practices...

Discrimination in employment Equality and inequality Labor
Working Paper
For whom does the phone (not) ring?: Discrimination in the rental housing market in Delhi, India

Using an audit experiment carried out on of India’s largest real estate websites, we document striking variations between landlords’ treatment of upper-caste Hindus, Other Backward Castes, Scheduled Castes, and Muslims...

Caste Discrimination in housing Equality and inequality
Africa’s Poverty - Is Growth Delivering Enough?

To Stockholm, for Sida’s Development Talks on the theme ‘ Africa rising? Poverty and growth in sub-Saharan Africa ’...

Economic development Economic growth Equality and inequality
Book Chapter
Poverty, Inequality, and Prices in Post-Apartheid South Africa

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Equality and inequality Inflation (Finance) Macroeconomics
Book Chapter
Utility-Consistent Poverty in Madagascar, 2001-10: Snapshots in the Presence of Multiple Economy-Wide Shocks

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Econometric models (Economic development) Equality and inequality Poverty
Book Chapter
Incomes, Inequality, and Poverty in Kenya: A Long-Term Perspective

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Equality and inequality Income Measurement (Poverty)
Book Chapter
Slow Progress in Growth and Poverty Reduction in Cameroon

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Economic growth Equality and inequality Microeconomics
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