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Foreign loans
Working Paper
Private Investment in Infrastructure: The Mobilisation of Equity Capital

Economic assistance and foreign aid Insurance Foreign loans
Working Paper
The International Debt Problem: Could Someone Please Explain It to Me?

The aim of this paper is to raise a few open questions and to bring to light some mismatches between existing theories and the evidence...

Public debt Game theory International finance
Working Paper
Conditionality: Facts, Theory and Policy

Three changes in conditionality of loans are proposed in this study, in order to improve the relations between developing country borrowers and international lending agencies, and make the international cooperative effort at development and stability...

Economic conditions Economic policy Foreign loans
Book Chapter
The Debt Overhang of Developing Countries

From the book: Debt, Stabilization and Development

Debt relief Public debt Financial institutions, International
Working Paper
The International Debt Problem: Prospects and Solutions

Banking Public debt Economic development
Working Paper
Mobilizing International Surpluses for World Development: A Wider Plan for a Japanese Initiative

The Study Group arrived at the following conclusions and recom­mendations: 1...

Economic assistance and foreign aid International agencies Foreign loans
Working Paper
Country Study 11: Brazil

Brazil has undergone three stabilization programmes since 1980: without the IMF in 1981-82; with the IMF in 1983-84, and the Cruzado Plan of 1986...

Economic development Economic policy International trade
Working Paper
Country Study 8: Peru

Peru ran out of cash in July 1984; a year later President Garcia rejected an IMF agreement and limited debt service payments to 10 per cent of export earnings; and in mid-1986 the President said that Peru would pay 'when it chose and when it coul...

Public debt Economic development Economic policy
Working Paper
Country Study 7: Mexico

By the time Mexico declared a suspension of debt service payments in August 1982, it had already begun a process of external adjustment that was to prove in the short run outstandingly successful compared with that of other countries, but was based o...

Public debt Economic development Economic policy
Working Paper
The Intertemporal Effects of International Transfers

The classical transfer problem is studied in an overlapping generations framework, where the transfer is from a creditor country to a debtor country...

Public debt Economic assistance and foreign aid Foreign loans
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