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Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Climate Change and Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries: the Case of Mozambique

Climate change may damage road infrastructure to the potential detriment of economic growth, particularly in developing countries...

Climate change Economic development Infrastructure (Economics)
Resilient People, Fragile Governance: The Success of Bangladesh so Far (Part I)

Lucy Scott Bangladesh has made some remarkable strides in development and poverty reduction since independence. Yet the country is in many ways a paradox of success combined with often weak governance. This two-part article explores the paradox...

Climate change Economic development Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Should Africa Industrialize?

Africa should industrialize. Without structural change it cannot sustain recent growth. Economies with more diverse and sophisticated industrial sectors tend to grow faster. But since 1980 Africa has deindustrialized...

Business networks Economic development Industrial policy
Working Paper
Adaptation Advantage to Climate Change Impacts on Road Infra-structure in Africa through 2100

The African continent is facing the potential of a US$183.6 billion liability to repair and maintain roads damaged from temperature and precipitation changes related to climate change through 2100...

Climate change Economic forecasting Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Public-Private Co-operation for Gas Provision in Poor Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires: Impact on Housing Improvements and Health

This study examines the programme Redes Solidarias, a public-private initiative that connected to natural pipelined gas 4,000 households in the Great Buenos Aires Area during 2005...

Gas utilities Infrastructure (Economics) Policy sciences
Surprises Ahead?

Tony Addison With six months remaining till the end of 2011, it’s time to take a peek into the near future. What can we expect? John Kenneth Galbraith once said that economic forecasting was invented to make astrology look respectable...

Agriculture Climate change Public debt
Journal Article
Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction: Implications for Urban Development in Nigeria

Part of Journal Special Issue African Development in an Urban World

Econometrics Infrastructure (Economics) Urban economics
Working Paper
Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction: Implications for Urban Development in Nigeria

The paper investigates the impact of infrastructural development on poverty reduction in Nigeria...

Econometrics Infrastructure (Economics) Urban economics
Density and Disasters: Economics of Urban Hazard Risk

Somik V...

Infrastructure (Economics) Natural disasters Population
Book Chapter
Component Trade and China's Global Economic Integration

From the book: The Rise of China and India

Economic integration Infrastructure (Economics) International trade
Book Chapter
Globalization and Marginalization in Africa: Poverty, Risk, and Vulnerability in Rural Ethiopia

From the book: The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America, and Africa

Globalization Households Infrastructure (Economics)
Making Peace Work: The Challenges of Social and Economic Reconstruction

Reconstruction from conflict is a complex and demanding task, and a major challenge for post-conflict countries as well as the international community...

Conflict management Infrastructure (Economics) Institutional economics
Journal Article
Life Expectancy and Welfare in Latin America and the Caribbean

Part of Journal Special Issue Health and Development

Equality and inequality Health Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Japan's Model of Economic Development: Relevant and Nonrelevant Elements for Developing Economies

Japan was the first non-western country to accomplish successful industrialization, and the dominant perception of its ‘industrial policy’ had over-emphasized specific characteristics of Japan...

Commercial policy Economic development Industrial policy
Working Paper
High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms in Africa: A Quantile Regression Approach

This paper studies the growth performance of a large set of entrepreneurial firms in ten manufacturing sectors of eleven Sub-Saharan African countries...

Business enterprises Economic growth Entrepreneurship
Book Chapter
Infrastructure Development in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

From the book: Making Peace Work

Infrastructure (Economics) Public goods Social conflict
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