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Land tenure
From the Editor's desk (October 2011)

Tony Addison As autumn moves into winter in Helsinki, it is time to bring you the October edition of UNU-WIDER’s newsletter, WIDER Angle...

Consumption Democracy Distribution
Working Paper
The Efficiency of States and Cities: Is There a Case for Public Land Leasing and Sales to Finance India’s Cities?

In this study an attempt has been made to assess the potential of land as a municipal financing tool in four Indian cities, to enable better public service delivery and attainment of the MDGs...

Land tenure Public investments Public utilities
Working Paper
Poverty and Land Distribution: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

While land reforms have long been motivated as a potential policy lever of rural growth and development, there is remarkably little evidence of the direct impacts of such reforms...

Economic development Land reform Land tenure
Working Paper
Reputation, Policy Risk, and Land Use: A Study of China’s ‘Grain for Green’ Programme

Since 1999, China has spent RMB 50 billion (about US$7 billion) to implement the ‘Grain for Green’ programme, the largest land retirement programme in the developing world...

Conservation of natural resources Farm produce Forests and forestry
Working Paper
Migration and Inheritance Practices in the Bolivian Altiplano

Most theoretical approaches to inheritance assume that parents are the key actors of bequest decisions. However, in a context of important migration, children may play an active role in the inheritance process...

Inheritance and succession Land tenure Land use
Working Paper
Political Connections and Investment in Rural Vietnam

This paper uses household panel data from rural Vietnam to explore the effects of having a relative in a position of political or bureaucratic power on farmers’ agricultural investment decisions...

Credit Informal sector Investments
Working Paper
Can a Populist Political Party Bear the Risk of Granting Complete Property Rights?: Electoral outcomes of Mexico’s second land reform

The Mexican land reform, one of the most sweeping in the world, proceeded in two steps: it granted peasants highly incomplete property rights on more than half of the Mexican territory starting in 1914, creating strong economic and political dependen...

Land tenure Political science Voting
Working Paper
Land Acquisition for Industrialization and Compensation of Displaced Farmers

This paper addresses the question of how farmers displaced by acquisition of agricultural land for the purpose of industrialization ought to be compensated...

Compensation management Industrialization Land tenure
Working Paper
Evolution of Land Distribution in West Bengal 1967-2004: Role of Land Reform

This paper uses data from a household survey to estimate changes in land distribution in rural West Bengal between 1967-2004 and decompose these into contributions of different factors...

Equality and inequality Household survey Land reform
Journal Article
The Forgotten Property Rights: Evidence on Land Use Rights in Vietnam

Studies of land property rights usually focus on tenure security and transfer rights. Rights to determine how to use the land are regularly ignored. However, user rights are often limited...

Credit Informal sector Investments
Working Paper
Transformation of the Family under Rising Land Pressure: A Theoretical Essay

If we understand well the individualization of land tenure rules under conditions of growing land scarcity and increased market integration, much less is known about the mode of evolution of the farm-cum-family units possessing the land...

Agriculture Families Land reform
Working Paper
Trees, Tenure and Conflict: Rubber in Colonial Benin

Tree crops have changed land tenure in Africa. Farmers have acquired more permanent, alienable rights, but have also faced disputes with competing claimants and the state...

Agricultural industries Land reform Land tenure
Working Paper
Women and Landed Property in Urban India: Negotiating Closed Doors and Windows of Opportunity

This paper examines land tenure in informal urban settlements in India from a gender perspective through field research conducted in Ahmedabad in collaboration with the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA)...

Government spending policy Land tenure Urban planning
Journal Article
Changing Land Tenure Arrangements and Access to Primary Assets under Globalization: A Case Study of Two Villages in Anglophone Cameroon

Part of Journal Special Issue Globalization-Poverty Channels and Case Studies from Sub-Saharan Africa

Globalization Land tenure Social conflict
Book Chapter
The Distribution of Household Wealth in India

From the book: Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective

Equality and inequality Households Land tenure
Book Chapter
Land Reform and Land Holdings in Brazil

From the book: Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective

Equality and inequality Land reform Land tenure
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