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Profit shifting
Journal Article
Global Distribution of Revenue Loss from Corporate Tax Avoidance: Re-estimation and Country Results

Part of Journal Special Issue Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

Corporate income tax International taxation Tax avoidance
Working Paper
Estimating the scale of profit shifting and tax revenue losses related to foreign direct investment

Governments’ revenues are lower when multinational enterprises avoid paying corporate income tax by shifting their profits to tax havens...

Foreign Direct Investment Corporate income tax Tax avoidance
In the media
Study on global tax avoidance garners worldwide attention

A new WIDER Working Paper has brought attention around the world to government revenue loss from tax avoidance. The study finds that, globally, low- and lower middle-income countries are hit the hardest; in terms of regions, losses are most intense...

Tax evasion Profit shifting
Working Paper
An evaluation of interest deduction limitations to counter base erosion in South Africa

This paper aims to describe funding structures of companies liable for tax in South Africa and how this relates to other characteristics, including ownership, of the companies...

Interest Profit shifting South Africa
Working Paper
Estimating profit shifting in South Africa using firm-level tax returns

Using the universe of South African corporate tax returns for 2009–14, we estimate profit- and debt-shifting responses in South Africa...

Developing countries International taxation Multinational firms
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