Accessing SOUTHMOD models

SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models are available for non-commercial research use for the following countries, with each country model included in the so-called SOUTHMOD bundle:

Bolivia (BOLMOD)
Colombia (COLMOD)
Ecuador (ECUAMOD)
Ethiopia (ETMOD)
Ghana (GHAMOD)
Mozambique (MOZMOD)
Rwanda (RWAMOD)
Tanzania (TAZMOD)
Uganda (UGAMOD)
Viet Nam (VNMOD)
Zambia (MicroZAMOD)
Zanzibar (ZANMOD)

The SOUTHMOD bundle can be opened on the EUROMOD platform. After opening the bundle in EUROMOD, click on any of the respective country flags to open the model for the country of your interest. Note that country-specific input datasets are always needed to run a given model; each model in the bundle can however be reviewed even without the required datasets. 

Most models and the associated input datasets are freely available for non-commercial research use. The models for Bolivia, Peru, Rwanda and Viet Nam are included in the SOUTHMOD bundle but, due to restrictions from data providers, we can only provide the Stata do-files necessary to produce the underpinning input datasets that correspond to the models.

Models for Namibia (NAMOD) and South Africa (SAMOD) are available from SASPRI.

Requesting access

Please follow these steps to request access to the SOUTHMOD bundle and input datasets for the model(s) of interest:

  1. Fill out the SOUTHMOD request form providing your contact details and a description of the project for which you plan to use the model(s). Check the boxes for the models whose underpinning datasets (or Stata do-files) you wish to receive. Note that country-specific input datasets are always needed to run a given model. In the form, you will need to confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions outlined in the Adhesion Agreement.
  2. Once your request has been cleared, we will share a link with you for downloading the SOUTHMOD model bundle, including the requested input data (or do-files to produce the input data) and relevant Data Requirement Documents (DRDs).
  3. Download and install the latest version of EUROMOD to open the SOUTHMOD bundle and your model(s) of interest.
Terms and conditions

SOUTHMOD models are freely accessible for non-commercial research use. More information about the terms and conditions, the acknowledgements of the models and the citations can be found in the SOUTHMOD Adhesion Agreement. 

Contact the SOUTHMOD team at UNU-WIDER if you have any questions about access to the models at southmod@wider.unu.edu.