Accessing SOUTHMOD models

The following SOUTHMOD models and the associated input data are freely available for non-commercial research use: ECUAMOD (Ecuador), GHAMOD (Ghana), MicroZAMOD (Zambia), MOZMOD (Mozambique), and UGAMOD (Uganda). Models for Namibia (NAMOD) and South Africa (SAMOD) are available from SASPRI.

For the following countries, we can provide the models and – due to restrictions from data providers – the Stata do-files necessary to produce the underpinning input data set that corresponds to each model: Tanzania (TAZMOD), Vietnam (VNMOD), and Ethiopia (ETMOD).

Contact us if you have any questions about access to the models.

Requesting access
  1. Download the Adhesion Agreement for the model you wish to access below. Fill out the agreement, sign it, and scan it to your computer. If you are planning to work with more than one model you, scan the signed Adhesion Agreement for each model you plan to use in your project.
  2. Fill out the SOUTHMOD request form providing your contact details and a description of the project you plan to use the model for. The request form will also ask you to upload the relevant Adhesion Agreement(s).
  3. Once your request has been cleared, we will share a link with you for downloading the requested model(s) including input data (or do-files to produce the input data) and EUROMOD software.
Adhesion Agreements
Ecuador PDF icon Adhesion agreement ECUAMOD v.1.5
Ethiopia PDF icon Adhesion agreement ETMOD v.1.0
Ghana  PDF iconAdhesion agreement GHAMOD v2.0
Mozambique PDF iconAdhesion agreement MOZMOD v2.6
Tanzania PDF iconAdhesion agreement TAZMOD v1.8
Uganda PDF iconAdhesion agreement UGAMOD v.1.4
Viet Nam PDF icon Adhesion agreement VNMOD v1.2
Zambia PDF iconAdhesion agreement MicroZAMOD v2.4
Terms and conditions

SOUTHMOD models are freely accessible for non-commercial research use. More information about the terms and conditions, the acknowledgements of the models and the citations can be found in the Adhesion Agreements.