Rodrigo Oliveira

Research Associate

Rodrigo is a Research Associate at UNU-WIDER, and his research interests are Development Economics, Economics of Education, and Labor Economics.

His leading research focuses on the impact of education on a wide range of outcomes and uses different methods. During his Ph.D., he studied how education and labor market structure explain the evolution of Brazil's regional inequality between 1970 and 2010. After the Ph.D., his research focused on the impact of vocational training, affirmative action policies, and evaluating other educational or labor policies. Recently he started projects involving tax-and-benefit microsimulation methods in selected African countries and the long-run impacts of socio-economic shocks.  

He also has at least five years of experience leading research teams in Brazilian Universities, one year of experience leading a research team in the Brazilian private sector. Currently, he coordinates research and technical assistance activities in Mozambique and Tanzania in collaboration with UNU-WIDER colleagues and leads the UNU-WIDER seminar series.