Poster session - COVID-19 and development

Monday 6 September 13:20-13:40
Hoa Ho How work has changed with COVID-19: Evidence from loan officers in India  
Timothy Köhler COVID-19 in the context of extreme unemployment and inequality: Estimating the effects of South Africa’s national lockdown PDF
Lisa Rogge Information Constraints and Preventive Behavior amongst COVID-19 Risk Groups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan PDF
Aditi Sanjay Does a Legal Ban on Pre-Natal Sex Determination Improve Female Educational Attainment? Evidence from India PDF
Syed Yusuf Saadat Trade Vulnerability of Bangladesh: An Exploratory Analysis  
Junaid Ahmed Sending Money Home: Transaction Cost and Remittances to Developing Countries PDF
Sovna Mohanty Impact of Economic Globalization on Income Inequality: A crosscountry analysis  
Sowmya Dhanaraj Achieving SDGs: Women’s work in urban India  
Burulcha Sulaimanova Employment Vulnerability, Wages and Subjective Well-being in Kyrgyzstan  
Fatima Kareem Promoting Rule Based Equitable Trading Systems and Achieving Decent Work Using Trade Agreements: Evidence from the North-South Trade Agreements  
Ananya Chakraborty Multi-Dimensional Sampling Methodology for Localising SDG: Insights from Designing SDG based Survey in Rural India PDF
Uzma Tabassum Impact of CPEC on Trade Structure and Regional Competitiveness of Pakistan  
Monday 6 September 18:05-18:25
Monica Mogollon Food assistance and mobility during COVID-19 lockdowns.  
Margherita Squarcina The impact of COVID-19 on household income and participation in the agri-food value chain: Evidence from Ethiopia  
Eleanor Wiseman Trade, Corruption and Covid-19: evidence from small-scale traders in Kenya  
Amaka Metu Does Foreign Aid matter in achieving Inclusive Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?  
Olabanji Awodumi Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Environmental Innovation in Developing Economies? The African Experience PDF
Bilal Muhammad Khan Risk of Automation in the Developing world  
Christian Lambert Nguena Workforce Productivity Growth and Inequality Reduction in Developing Countries: The role of Mobile Banking & Financial Services Development in Africa  
Goodness Chioma Aye Trends Analysis of Agricultural Commodity Trade and Agricultural Growth: Evidence from Cameroon PDF
Luke Amadi Can Multilateral trade be effective in the era of protectionism?: A review of the implications for Global partnership for Sustainable Development  
Abrams Mbu Enow Tagem Tax revenue effort and aid in fragile states: The case of Comoros  
Daniel Chachu Good Institutions and Tax Revenue Outcomes in Resource-Rich Countries: When the ‘Good’ is not enough