Accelerating progress towards fairer societies


Accelerating progress towards fairer societies

We are coming to the last 5 years of the SDGs and the prospects of achieving the goals are looking grim. Join us to debate the latest knowledge on how we can accelerate progress towards the sustainable development goals of reducing inequality and promoting inclusive and fairer societies.

At its core, development is about the well-being of people. But it is also about creating fairer societies which provide fundamental rights and just economic, social and political outcomes. With impacts on education, public health and life expectancy, economic performance, and democratization, focusing on reducing within country inequality to foster fairer societies will be particularly essential in achieving the aspirations of humanity in our lifetime.  

What are the most recent trends in income inequality, inequality in the labour market, economic opportunity and social mobility? How can we reduce international inequalities? What is the role of international tax fairness, redistributive taxation and social protection policy? 

On 4 October 2023, on the sidelines of the Second and Third Committees of the General Assembly, UNU-WIDER, in collaboration with UN DESA, organizes a debate to answer these questions and discuss how to build fairer societies. 

The event begins with a presentation of UNU-WIDER's synthesis of its 2019-2023 work programme, titled Towards peace, decent work, and greater equality, which synthesizes the institute’s most salient research and policy lessons on the three universal aspirations shared by humans everywhere—peace, decent work, and fairer societies. It outlines major findings that support fulfilment of these universal aspirations and identifies opportunities for action that can accelerate progress towards the SDGs. A panel discussion with experts from the UN and academia follows, exchanging ideas and opportunities for progress towards greater equality to achieve the global goals by 2030 and beyond.

The event will be livestreamed and available to watch on the UN Web TV website at this link.

12.00-13.00 Registration and light lunch 
13.15-14.45 Welcome address

Navid Hanif | ASG for Economic Affairs, UN DESA
  Presentation of UNU-WIDER report

Kunal Sen | Director, UNU-WIDER
  Panel discussion on 2019-2023 work programme synthesis report Towards peace, decent work, and greater equality

Chair: Navid Hanif | ASG for Economic Affairs, UN DESA

Pedro Conceição | Director, HDRO Office, UNDP
Sarah Cliffe | Executive Director, NYU Center on International Cooperation
Wenyan Yang | Chief of the Global Dialogue for Social Development Branch, UN DESA
Kunal Sen | Director, UNU-WIDER 

Questions and discussion with audience