Natural resources, structural change, and industrial development in Africa

Authors’ workshop

Authors' workshop - Natural resources, structural change and industrial development in Africa

On 24-25 May 2018 authors contributing to the 'Natural resources, structural change, and industrial development in Africa' project meet in Helsinki to discuss final drafts of their research papers.

The Natural resources, structural change, and industrial development in Africa project focuses on delivering evidence-based research in three specific areas that impact the pace of structural transformation and job creation in five emerging African natural resources economies: Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Under the project, evidence on the magnitude and timing of the resource boom for each country is analysed and recommendations on the content and sequencing of the policy and institutional changes needed to manage public expenditures and investments more efficiently are developed. Furthermore, country-level analysis of the role of the construction sector and its response to surges in demand, key bottlenecks and policy options to relieve them, are researched to provide further supporting evidence.

Finally, the project includes analysis of current legislative and regulatory initiatives within the five countries and mapping of existing supply chain relationships, surveys the capabilities of domestic firms as reliable suppliers, and proposes new approaches to increasing domestic linkages to the resource value chain.

During the workshop 17 papers will be presented and discussed. The research papers are published as part of the WIDER Working Paper Series during 2018.

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