CEEG Seminar Series: Data availability for research

CEEG Seminar Series: Data availability for research

On Wednesday 29 of June 2022, Dr. Firmino Guliche, researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), will give a presentation on 'Data availability for research'.

The seminar is part of the CEEG Seminar Series, organized under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme. The seminars offer a forum to share and discuss ongoing research on topics related to the work of the IGM programme and to foster a culture of research at the faculty and at UEM in general.

The seminars take place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM). It is a public event open to everyone. The presentation will be given in Portuguese.

About the study

Since 2021, the Center for Economic and Management Studies (CEEG) at University of Eduardo Mondlane has made data available for research purposes to interested professors and students of the institution, upon request to the respective Director.

Only anonymized data are available, in order to safeguard the provisions of Law 7/96 (5th of July), namely ART 14, on STATISTICAL CONFIDENTIALITY: All individual statistical information f an individual nature, collected by official statistics producing bodies, within the scope of the National Statistical System, are of an extremely confidential nature.

Complete databases are not available, except in exceptional cases.

To access the data, obtain the form at the offices or on the CEEG Portal: www.ceeg.uem.mz