CEEG Seminar Series: The economic recession in Mozambique

Was it COVID-19? – A view from the external sector

CEEG Seminar Series: The economic recession in Mozambique

On Wednesday 23 February 2022, Michael Sambo, Researcher at IESE, will present a recent study entitled The economic recession in Mozambique: Was it COVID-19? – A look from the external sector.

The seminar is part of the CEEG Seminar Series, organized under the Inclusive growth in Mozambique (IGM) programme. The seminars offer a forum to share and discuss ongoing research on topics related to the work of the IGM programme and to foster a culture of research at the faculty and at UEM in general. The sessions are open for all and are held in Portuguese.

The seminars take place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM). It is a public event open to everyone. The presentation will be given in Portuguese.

About the study

The study argues that the economic crisis in Mozambique does not result from the outbreak of the pandemic itself, and its direct effects on the Mozambican economy, but rather that the pandemic exacerbated a pre-existing crisis. It results from a bibliographic and documentary analysis using statistical data from multiple international and national sources. It analyzes, on the one hand, the dynamics of public policies in the context of external dependence, and, on the other, the economic dynamics in the context of COVID-19, focusing on Mozambique's economic relations with the rest of the world from before the outbreak of the pandemic until the beginning of 2021.