ReCom results meeting - Challenges in Fragility and Governance

Challenges in Fragility and Governance

Since the mid-1990s foreign aid has become increasingly concerned with fragility and governance. Given the acknowledgement of the role of the state in providing the conditions for peace, progress and prosperity, foreign aid has concentrated much attention to issues of state building and good governance. However, there are many challenges in supporting these deeply political issues.

This Results Meeting of the programme Research and Communication on Foreign Aid (ReCom) presents conclusions from a number of studies on what works in foreign aid to fragile situations and governance. In particular, it seeks to identify the dilemmas that decision makers need to address to strengthen aid’s contribution to poverty reduction and development.

ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid results meeting is a 3-year, internationally oriented research programme implemented by UNU-WIDER, with financial support from Sida and Danida, that aims to provide cutting-edge evidence about ‘what works’, ‘what could work’, ‘what is scalable’, and ‘what is transferable’ in the area of development cooperation, and to communicate this to the wider public. ReCom focuses on five themes: growth and employment; governance and fragility; gender equality; environment and climate change; and the social sectors. Synergies exist across these areas, and poverty reduction cuts across all five themes. 

Further contact and information:

Lars Engberg-Pedersen, Senior Researcher
Danish Institute for International Studies
+45 32 698 695

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