RWAMOD stakeholder meeting 102023 banner. Image: Unsplash

Findings from recent research using RWAMOD

18 October 2023, Kigali, Rwanda and online

Findings from recent research using RWAMOD

As part of the SOUTHMOD project, the national team at the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), in collaboration with UNU-WIDER and the Southern African Social Policy Research Insights (SASPRI) are organizing a stakeholder meeting on findings from recent research using RWAMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Rwanda. The event is organized in a hybrid format.

The purpose of the meeting is to introduce more than 40 local stakeholders to the first version of the model, focusing on related research and applications for using the model for tax and social policy analysis. The objective is to obtain feedback and insights regarding the model and related topics from local stakeholders.

RWAMOD is a stand-alone model which has been built in collaboration with UNU-WIDER, RRA, and SASPRI. The model is available for non-commercial research and analytical work, although the input dataset cannot currently be shared directly with external users.


UNU-WIDER and SASPRI have embarked on a collaboration called SOUTHMOD, to promote tax-benefit microsimulation modelling in developing countries using the EUROMOD tax-benefit microsimulation software.

Tax-benefit microsimulation models provide knowledge for better policy-making and inclusive development. With the models the effects of different policy scenarios on poverty, inequality, and government revenues can be analyzed and compared.

SOUTHMOD project is part of UNU-WIDER's research and capacity building programme on domestic revenue mobilization (DRM), funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad).