Finn Tarp delivers keynote at the Annual Congress of the Economic Society of Tanzania

Professor Finn Tarp, Director of UNU-WIDER will give a keynote presentation at the Annual Congress of the Economic Society of Tanzania, which will be held in Dar es Salaam on 7-8 December 2018.
Speakers at the EST Annual Conference. Photo: UNU-WIDER
Prof Finn Tarp, Dr Blandina Kilama, Prof Samuel Wangwe, and Prof Le Dang Doanh

The theme of the conference is industrialization for inclusive development in Tanzania and it will discuss issues related to industrialization — such as the availability of raw materials, use of technology, labour force skills, and financing. Three keynote presentations will describe industrialization from the Tanzanian, Vietnamese, and global points of view.

The first keynote on the Tanzanian experience will be given by Professor Samuel Wangwe, longtime collaborator with UNU-WIDER and author of the chapter on Industrial Development in Tanzania in the book Manufacturing Transformation.

Following Professor Wangwe, Professor Finn Tarp will discuss the global experience of industrialization, focusing on the insights drawn from UNU-WIDER’s collaborative work over the past two work programmes. Professor Tarp will explain the starting point for UNU-WIDER’s work on industrialization, the questions research covered, and the main outcomes of the research. He will also map out future directions African countries can take in supporting industrialization.

Participants at the EST Annual Conference. Photo: UNU-WIDER
Participants at the EST Annual Conference. In the middle: Hon Dr Ashatu K. Kijaji Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning  of Tanzania

Finally, Dr Le Dang Doanh will describe the Vietnamese experience of industrialization, reviewing the development of Vietnamese industrial policy and how the policies have impacted Viet Nam’s economic performance. Dr Le Dang Doanh has worked extensively with UNU-WIDER, recently chairing the parallel session on clean and renewable energy at the WIDER DevelopmentConference, held in September. He is also member of the Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations and member of the Scholar Board of Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM).

For more information on UNU-WIDER’s work on industrialization, please see the the resources on the left or visit the websites of the projects Learning to Compete, and Jobs, poverty and structural change in Africa.

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