Jobs – Aid at Work

ReCom Results meeting

Jobs – Aid at work

Does aid create jobs?  When and how do these jobs work? Are they sustainable? Do they promote development?  

Why can’t anyone tell me what works in aid? 

This plaintive question from a former Danish Development Minister trying to structure development policies based on evidence of success led the governments of Denmark and Sweden to commission UNU-WIDER to carry out ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign aid - which aims to investigate what works in development.

This programme that Danida Director, Ib Petersen, says should be a catalyst for more effective aid. Now, a year and half or so down the line, it is time for the research results on Jobs and Development. This research is new and has potentially radical implications.  

Why? jobs + results 

Jobs are critical everywhere but especially in developing countries. We are focused on practical results. News you can really use: if you are a policy maker in a donor country; if you are a practitioner in a recipient country; and very importantly if you are an aid recipient. But you don’t have to be in development to care about how your money is spent on development, or about how development policies are formulated.

We will be talking to some stars of the development world. Amongst them, Gary Fields, a world leader on employment and poverty reduction, whose latest book Working Hard, Working Poor has just come out. Also, the World Bank’s eagerly anticipated World Development Report 2013 - Jobs will be made public just days before we meet, and Martin Rama, the Director of the Report, will be joining us. According to Nobel Economics Laureate, George Akerlof: 'labour economists should read the report, and think about how, in light of it, the subject should be substantially rewritten'. In other words, a game changer. 

An interactive results meeting 

Moderator Hilary Bowker, former CNN Senior European Anchor, will ensure a highly interactive discussion. Thanks to some of the most cutting edge conference communication technology in the world, you will be able to react almost immediately to what you are hearing from the panel and they will be able to react to you. We hope you can join us and help shape this exciting event. Register now and begin your contribution.