Kunal Sen gives the Keynote Address at the IRSA 16th Annual Conference

'The changing nature of work and inequality: Lessons from 11 developing country case studies'

The keynote address at the IRSA 16th Annual Conference — Kunal Sen

Kunal Sen is invited to give the Keynote Address at the 2021 Indonesian Regional Science Association's (IRSA) Annual Conference on 12 July. Professor Sen speaks on the main lessons from UNU-WIDER's project on 'The changing nature of work and inequality'. The project carried out in-depth studies of labour markets in 11 developing country cases, analysing earnings inequality, occupational structure, and the composition of routing and non-routine tasks (routine-task intensity) within the occupational structure over time for each country. 

These analyses were carried out by national research teams led by experts from each country. They detail the scale, trend, and major drivers of earnings inequality in recent periods with important findings and lessons for policy makers hoping to support sustainable and equitable economic development in their nation. 

The 16th IRSA Annual Conference - Yogyakarta 2021, is held virtually. The Keynote Address will take place 15:30–16:30 in Jakarta (UTC+7)  or 11:30–12:30 in Helsinki (UTC+2). 


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