Presentation – Lessons from ReCom in a post-2015 perspective

Lessons from ReCom in a post-2015 perspective

ReCom (Research and Communication on Foreign Aid) occupied a key role in UNU-WIDER’s 2010-13 work programme addressing the triple crisis: Finance, Food and Climate Change. Some 240 ReCom studies were prepared during a period of 3-years by around 300 researchers from 60 countries, under five headings: (i) Aid, growth and employment; (ii) Aid and the social sectors; (iii) Aid, governance and fragility; (iv) Aid and gender equality; and (v) Aid, environment and climate change. The seminar briefly summarised some of the main ReCom findings to facilitate discussion of the allocation, design and implementation of aid post-2015. Focus was on opportunities to use aid effectively to help achieve inclusive growth and gender equality and support fragile states, on the one hand, and trade-offs and possible tensions in aid relationship, on the other. Presentation by Tony Addison, Rachel Gisselquist and Finn Tarp.

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