Policy symposium – South Africa in Africa

The one-day symposium, reflecting on the role of South Africa in Africa, was held in cooperation with the South African National Treasury's Economic policy division, the National Planning Commission, South African Reserve Bank, and UNU-WIDER.

The symposium brought together policy makers, private sector representatives and development  experts to discuss the role of regional integration and the prospects of shared growth within the continent.

The event raised old and new issues and challenges that stand in the way of further regional integration in southern Africa, as well as the continent as a whole. The symposium is part of the UNU-WIDER Regional Growth and Development in Southern Africa project and was conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

Policy symposium on South Africa in Africa – regionalization an imperative, but also a challenge

Organized by the South African National Treasury, National Planning Commission, Reserve Bank, and UNU-WIDER, the symposium provided participants with an opportunity to reflect on the more than two decades of experience since the fall of apartheid...

Regional Growth and Development in Southern Africa project - an interview with Channing Arndt

Channing Arndt , Senior Research Fellow of UNU-WIDER, outlines the main research areas for this project on economic growth in the Southern African region. The project has two main elements – one specifically on the South African economy; the...

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